What is oven crude?

The only place I’ve ever seen this phrase used is in one quote included in the Linux fortune database, to wit: “Nobody ever died from oven crude poisoning.” I’m assuming that oven crude is a real thing, and that the fortune isn’t simply being surreal.

I’ve searched Google and dictionary.com and I’ve not been able to find any defintion for oven crude. So, what is it?

Um, just a WAG: It’s a joke? There is no such thing as “oven crude poisoning”, which is why nobody ever died from it?

Crud. Oven crud.

The saying is one of those homey little catch phrases that get embroidered on pillows and so forth. That’s where I first encountered it, anyway.

Maybe, but Google’s never heard of that one either.

Ah, I never thought of it being a misspelling of oven crud. That makes quite a bit more sense, but, as Q.E.D. said, Google can’t find it. That’s not a proof of its nonexistence, but it argues against it being the original phrase.

DDG: If it’s a joke, I guess I don’t get it. Nobody said fortune has to be scintillating at all times, but making something up like that is … bizarre. It doesn’t really fit with the general conventions of humor.

(Does anyone care what I thought it was? I thought the carbonized remnants left in the oven could turn into a viscous liquid somewhat like crude oil. Crude oil-like shit from an oven… oven crude. I don’t think it’s possible, but that’s the best I could come up with.)

An untapped resource. Remember that next OPEC plays its hand.

On the other hand, Google has certainly heard the OP’s version. 43 hits. Still, no explanation as to its meaning.

I’ll note that the identical wording, spelling and capitalization in each Google hit suggests a single common source.