What is "Redbook Walking"?

I’ve begun walking for exercise lately and while researching the activity on the internet I’ve come across many references to Redbook Walking. But no explanation of what it is. Does it have something to do with the magazine Redbook? Or is there some sort of record keeping that is done in a red book? Anybody know what it is?

Quick Googling seems to reveal that it is, in some way, affiliated with REDBOOK magazine. There are links to find “REDBOOK walking clubs” at the end of many of REDBOOK’s online articles.

Can’t tell if there’s more to it than just loose “let’s meet up and walk” clubs. Seems analagous to “Oprah’s Book Club” in some ways (for example, that the famous name attached to the club is not an essential part of the experience).

If you have just started walking, you might enjoy this site, mapmywalk.com It uses Google maps to allow you to plot your walks and measure distance, elevation, calories burned etc. It’s great fun though for non US addresses it tends to stick the start location in mental places unrelated to where the address actually is. Still, it’s not a big deal to scroll over to where you really live to start.

There’s mapmyrun and mapmyhike too for the slightly different target groups but the central mapping bit is the same.

Excellent website! Thanks.

Just wanted to say “good on ya” for starting up. One suggestion, buy a heart monitor and use it. When you’re starting out, you should be walking at about 65% of your maximum (subtract your age from 220 and multiply by .65) to build up a good aerobic base. Once you’re up to an hour a day, you can increase that.