What is Subway's "Refresh" initiative?

What is this thing with Subway, “refresh to be fresh”? And are they actually doing anything about their questionable tuna fish sandwich, while they’re at it?

Some new ingredients, some new sandwiches, and a few changed sandwiches, that’s about it.
No changing the tuna. It’s crap, people love eating that crap, and it will continue to be one of their best selling sandwiches. So why bother changing it?

I enjoy the tuna at Subway. But little else. And I always check to make sure there’s giardiniera on the way in. If not, right back out the door. The breads also suck worse now.

Here’'s my understanding, mostly from lurking in the Subway subreddit:
They renamed double meat Pro. Really.
The ham and turkey are now sliced thin but you’re supposed to get an equivalent weight.
There’s smashed avocado and sliced ‘fresh’ mozzarella.
Familiar ingredients juggled around and called Cali Fresh.
Maybe a new bacon?

What makes you think their tuna is questionable, other than a campaign against them based on a rumor?

I know that they - at least locally - have removed the roast beef from the menu, so no more turkey/ham/roast beef por moi.

I’ve seen in the back of a local Subway franchise. It’s just Starkist tuna, out of a can, mixed with mayo.

Nothing questionable or mysterious about it.

I heard it’s coming back.

It was never questionable, that was crap yellow journalism reporting. OK, maybe too much mayo, but…

OTOH, Subway sandwiches are tasteless.

Yeah IIRC now the lawsuit is about whether or not the tuna is “100% freshly caught” or farm raised tuna.

Some might be tasteless, but not the way I do it. I usually get the Subway club or the B.M.T. with ALL the available add-ons, including jalapenos. Oil and vinegar dressing. Eat half today. Put the other half in fridge overnight. Fabulous the next day and far from tasteless.

Yes, there is a seasonal one with real italian meats that isn’t bad.

But your exception just “proves the rule!” :woman_cook: :man_cook: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if you don’t include flavorful ingredients in the sandwich, that’s not Subway’s fault.

I actually prefer Subway the next day, after it’s spent the night in the fridge. I usually get the Cold Cut Combo with a bunch of toppings, including oil and vinegar. I find Subway’s bread…edible. After marinating* overnight in the oil and vinegar (and mustard and mayo and moisture from the veggies), I find it quite tasty. It’s probably too soggy for many tastes, but I enjoy it.

*Yes, I know I’m using a technical food preparation term incorrectly.

I would say “Our meat is so bland you have to put tons of toppings on it” is their fault.

Well, somebody questioned it, so that proves it’s questionable.

If you idea of “flavorful” is a cold meat sandwich with no veggies or cheese on dry bread, I’m not sure any sandwich restaurant is going to satisfy you.

I put toppings on it, but meat should have, you know, flavor as well.

But is the bread still cake?

I’m not sure the profit margin was worth no longer making fresh bread in the store. Real fresh bread smells amazing and every Subway already has the equipment. The bean counters were short sighted.

For me, other than a strange yearly craving for the meatball sub I’m done with that place until they bring back roast beef.