What is Syria's military defense capability?

In other words, how much force would it take to a) defeat Syria militarily or b) remove its capability to slaughter its people? The Turkish military? An American carrier task force? The Israelis? Just what would it take, and how many casualties would an attacking force suffer?

I’m sure this question has been asked and answered in the world’s situation rooms, but I’m wondering if there’s any public info on how strong Syria’s military really is and what it would take to disarm it.

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Let’s see:

Their army, as a whole, is fairly large.

Their infantry is decent.

Their armored corps is big, but outdated technologically and never that efficient.

Their anti-aircraft capabilities are good (they’re the most advanced corps in their military).

Their air force is mostly useless.

They most likely have a stockpile of chemical weapons and the ability to launch them on rockets.

In total, they could probably be taken out by Israel, or by a Gulf War (either one) type expeditionary force. A carrier group would not be enough.

Of course, as we know, defeating a country’s military is one thing; occupying it is another.