What is the best drug song?

Someting by Cheech and Chong?

Don’t bogart that joint?

I pick Down to seeds and Stems again by Commander Cody.

Your choice?

White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

“Hand of Doom” by Black Sabbath

Heroin - Velvet Underground

It’s my life, and it’s my wife
Because when I put a spike into my vein
Leads to a center in my head
And then I’m better off than dead
Because when the smack begins to flow
I really don’t care anymore”

Uh…whatever you say, Lou.

Puff the Magic Dragon

What? Someone had to say it!

Well for sheer impact (though not lyrical style, I’m afraid), I’d have to nominate “God Smack” by Alice in Chains.

Gave us a band name and a morbid prediction about the writer all at once.

Maybe Semi-Charmed Life. It’s not every song that says ‘Dying of Meth Addiction isn’t bad when you’re with me’.

My nominations:

Sam Stone by John Prine

That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyd

The Needle and the Damage Done - by Neil Young

Cocaine - by Eric Clapton

Cocaine - by Jackson Browne (different song)

Sister Morphine - by The Rolling Stones

Jesse Winchester - Twigs And Seeds

Hawkwind - Reefer Madness

Muddy Waters - Champagne & Reefer

Steppenwolf - The Pusher

Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf

Ben Harper - Burn One Down

Johnny Cash - Blistered

The Clash - Hateful

The Eagles - Life in the Fast Lane

Jim Stafford - Wildwood Weed

Sublime did a pretty good cover of a song called Smoke Two Joints

It was originally done by - if I’m not mistaken - two brothers who called themselves The Toys, and never did any other songs.

the crystal ship- the doors

Hey, Cisco, I was just looking into that record on the web a few weeks back. The Toyes have a website. They are still together in one form or another, and touring, and have apparently never stopped since that record got banned from the radio all those years ago. Although you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who’s heard any of it, they made more music after the initial “hit”.

Humble Pie: Thirty Days in the Hole

Roy Harper: Drugs for Everybody

Cat Mother & the All-Night Newsboys: Strike a Match and Light Another

New Riders of the Purple Sage: Henry

United States of America: Coming Down

Beatles: everything from 1967 :smiley:

Ebeneezer Goode - The Shamen

The Drug Suite - Stew

Let’s Go Get Stoned - Ray Charles

Velvet Underground - Waitin’ for my man (okay, it’s about buying drugs)

Dandy Warhols - Not if you were the last junkie on earth

Shanty by Jonathan Edwards.


You a pot head Fokker?