What is the best Football(Soccer) Manager PC game?

Please give me some advice. I have not been much of a PC gamer.
I tried to read some reviews at Amazon and at other sites. The problem is that half the people are giving a game 1 star and the other half give 5 stars!
I would like to find a strategy game not an arcade kind of game for Football.

I am just bumping this once to see if anyone will help

The most famous series is Championship Manager, and IMHO it’s the best one. However, a while back a good number of the people who worked on it left the company, and so the CM series is really carried on by the new Football Manager series. Out of the two, I personally prefer FM, but that’s just my choice.

Another series is Total Club Manager, which is a pretty different game. TCM gives you more control over the peripheries; stadiums, support staff, and the youth team/competitions go into considerably more depth. FM and CM are much more focused on the actual first team squad and matches. It depends what you’re more interested in, really.

So it depends what you want out of the game, really!

Football Manager is by far the best. No competition.

The Bundesliga Manager series used to be the best, but now it’s the Anstoss series. But both of these are only available in German, so that probably doesn’t help you much. Sorry.

Thanks for the replies