Best PC Baseball game?

I’m getting a new PC in a couple of weeks. It’s been a long time - like, since SNES days - since I’ve played a baseball video game, and NEVER on a PC, only a console.

I’d appreciate some recommendations as to the best PC baseball games. Needn’t be bleeding edge - if MLB '10 (or whatever) is better than MLB '11, I wanna know…


Unfortunately baseball isn’t the PC’s strong suit.

There’s a few “manager” style sims like out of the park 9 and MLB font manager as well as MLB 2K9 and 2K10.

Steam has a pack that includes MLB Front Office and MLB 2k9 + 2K10 for $30.

Wow. I didn’t know Sega made PC games. I know that EA sports got out of the PC market with…I want to say NHL 2002? It’s been a while. I think they still make PC golf, but that’s about it.

After I posted the OP, I looked around Amazon - the baseball games get uniformly bad reviews, and it seems like almost all games get terrible reviews compared to console versions…


About the only really good sports games on PC right now (outside racing games of course - where PC has better offering than console, specially when it comes to sims) are entirely in the soccer and basketball arena. I think there are a couple of decent Golf games too.

The last baseball game I played on PC was Pete Rose Pennant Fever, so that tells you how long ago that was. I’d say the Steam pack is probably your best bet.

Skip MLB Front Office Manager. It was ported from the 360 and it shows.

I quite liked Baseball Mogul, which was recommended to me here as a baseball management sim. I’m thinking about getting the 2012 edition (which, of course, is designed for the 2011 season…I hate that). It’s good for either stat-heads or casual players.

For a management game, let me highly recommend PureSim 4. I’ve been buying this franchise since the early days. Great new product and a very responsive developer. Very good mod community too.

The baseball management sim to have is Out of the Park’s game. There’s even an online league that started here on the SDMB. See here for the league’s blog.

The computer version of Strat-o-Matic Baseball is an excellent strategy / simulation game, but it’s probably not the sort of game of which the OP was thinking.

I like Out of the Park, but PureSim’s just always just liked PureSim better. The more the merrier, says I.

I was very happy with MLB 2k10 last year - bought it retail when it came out, then later last year Steam had a sale where it (along with 2k9 and one of the front office type ones) was on sale for $4.99 so I bought that just to get it on my steam account.

Haven’t tried MLB 2k11 yet, but would like to.

One of the best things about the 2k series is they have some good modding communities who update the parks, lineups, and graphics. Very nice.