Baseball for the Wii

I have recently bought a Wii, and I really love the baseball game that is included with the system. However, I have gotten tired of it, and want to get a real baseball game. Something that keeps the hitting and pitching, but adds such things as stealing, fielding, and actually goes to 9 innings.

So, is there a good baseball game I can buy for the Wii?

2K Games holds the exclusive third party rights to make baseball games on any system so the only baseball game available on the Wii (and Xbox 360 for that matter) is Major League Baseball 2K9. The reviews are so-so.

There is also The Bigs, with the reviews a little better.

I have this and just played it the other day after a lengthy hiatus. My opinion is mixed. I quit for a while because I got frustrated by losing all the time. (I play vs. the game, though there is a 2-player mode which I haven’t tried.)

The thing is, for me anyway, that it’s really difficult to get any good at it. The controls are not the most intuitive, and I still don’t completely have the hang of playing defense. And I serve up a *lot * of gopher balls – there’s no defense against those! Hitting takes quite a lot of practice to get the timing down. I still strike out more than anything else.

I also find the set-up screens and some of the in-game controls for making substitutions and defensive shifts, etc. to be extremely confusing and counter-intuitive.

But for all that, I think the game looks great and is actually pretty fun to play once you start getting used to it. As for realism, if there’s something that can be done in real baseball, it’s probably in there.

I’m not a hard-core gamer and don’t really have the time or patience to put in the hours to get really good at this game. But I’m still playing it, and I’m improving ever so slightly each time. If I’m in the right mood to just figure I’ll probably lose the game, but to enjoy when I do something good and laugh at myself when I accidentally make the shortstop run away from the ball, I have a good time playing.

And if you’re the type to keep at it, you’re sure to be less sucky than I am, so this might be just the thing you’re looking for.