What is the best free avi to gif program?

I want something that will allow me to take an avi file, and convert it to a gif file. I also want it to be able to take the file, and extrat just part of it to make a gif of, and that sort of thing.

Is there anything like this available?

You can try Animation Shop… it’s available as a shareware download from Jasc Software.

Anyone else got a suggestion?

I’ll be buggered if I’m going to download anything just to answer your question, but:

http://www.banner-maker.net/index.htm - Trial, but looks pretty straightforward.

http://ggcomputer.com/convert-avi-gif.htm - No clue about this one.

You could always use IrfanView (a free image viewer/converter) to extract all frames in BMP format, and use it to batch convert to GIFs. The GIFs can be further resized using the advanced options. Then use a free utility such as UnFREEz to create an animated GIF.

UnFREEz Download

Since you’re looking for suggestions and opinions rather than facts, I’ll move this thread to IMHO.

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Thanks, anyone else got any suggestions?