What is the best FREE media player that plays .rm files?

The thread title says it all.


How about Media Player Classic?

Sadly, the only player I’m aware of that can handle .rm files is Real Media Player. For that reason, I’d suggest avoiding .rm files at all costs. (If it can’t be avoided, you’ll have to bite the bullet)

If someone has a better solution, feel free to correct me.

What you need to do is to first install Media Player Classic, and then get Real Alternative. This is a free codec that will allow you to play RealMedia files (.rm .ram .rmvb .rpx .smi .smil) in Media Player Classic. It works great, and you’ll never have to see that wretched RealPlayer again.

Yeah, Media Player Classic and the appropriate codecs are the solutions to ALL of your computer video needs. I hate it when something tries to open Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, QuickTime, etc… so inferior.

That did the trick. Thank you very much.