What is the best free way to record my screen and voice over?

I’m a teacher and for distance learning, I have been using Screencast-O-Matic. Works well, but limits me to 15 minute videos.

Does anyone know a free way to record my screen(and voice through my microphone) that is totally free and unlimited?

One thing I like is that Screencast-O-Matic is that the file produced is HD, is also not gigantic. I pretty much just upload them to my Youtube Channel afterwards. I don’t need ultra-high file size/quality.

Is there an easy option or freeware program I should know about?

Windows 10 includes something called Game Bar that can do this.

I think OBS would work for you.

I’m involved in distance learning, and current thinking seems to be leaning toward small, bite-sized chunks of content, like fifteen minutes or less, at a time. The theory is that student’s minds wander if you try to give them more than that. So you record a 10-15 minute lecturette, then tell them to work on problems 3.10 through 3.15 in the book, then you give them the solutions, etc.

I’ve been liking Loom, and I think they upgrade people with .edu accounts to a pro version.
If you’re on a Mac, Quicktime will do this, too.

I went with Active Presenter 8. I am glad I have some tech. know-how as I was able to figure it out. It was free, had no limits, no watermarks, and exported to video for me to upload. Video quality was good and file size was reasonable.

Here if anyone is interested.

Just through PowerPoint works as well. You can record your whole screen including audio easily.

In essence the recording is one “slide”, but you can save it as mp4.

Editing within PowerPoint is very limited, but of course you can always use a different program for that

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The PowerPoint narration is indeed easy, but creates a remarkably humongous file.

Go old school…use that camcorder your parents don’t use anymore.

With the PowerPoint suggestion. There is no reason you have to record the actual PowerPoint slide. You can drag the record box around and record yourself navigating a website or using a different program.

Lot’s of people in my sales profession make youtube videos and the like using Camtasiaediting software, which allows you record voiceover but also so some basic image editing if you need to. It’s not particularly expensive either. This is a popular program for youtubers as well.

One feature I like of the Active Presenter 8 software is that it allows and defaults to including audio from my microphone AND from the computer itself. I used a quick video snippet mid-way through my lesson and the audio from the video was heard properly in my lesson-video.

May seem obvious, but a lot of freeware ones do not include that option.

Having made two full videos, I’m a big fan.