What is the best place to host a relatively simple website?

The site will have some of my politically controversial articles, and a Zoom meeting group. I hope to start hosting regular Zoom meetings. The site will have links and schedule.

You got a URL (web address) in mind? If so, go see if it’s available and how much the current domain holder is charging.

I’m “squatting” on the URL that spells my I.R.L. meatspace name for around ten or twelve bucks a year, I believe. Got it through the name.com folks, but of course, GoDaddy is the big name. They have a fairly simple interface and good customer service.

Take your pick. They all let you choose your own domain name (whatever.com/org/etc).

The domain name in the URL doesn’t host anything, though. For your simple static data, you could put it on Amazon, Microsoft, Google, or similar.

I apologize for my illiteracy.

During Time Immemorial, there was a site called


Any Username could host a small site there.

My site will mostly consist of Zoom meetup announcements.

Thanks. Will be building a site.

Wordpress of course. Mostly about Zoom meetings.

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What is best is going to be a matter of opinion, and IMHO will allow folks to share both opinions and personal experiences.

Moving thread from GQ to IMHO.


I went there to check the availability of a domain name and they automatically claimed ownership of it. I’ve heard other bad things, too.

I’ve used Weebly. It works well, super easy.

Out of curiosity, why are you suddenly so obsessed with Zoom? You’ve posted a few threads about it this month. I mean, I get that video conferencing is a way to talk to people who are stuck at home, but what precisely are you trying to do with Zoom and the website?

Might it be easier to make a webinar series instead, or…?

  1. I am very very very very lonely – I had no friends for over a decade.

  2. I am an Aspie.

  3. I am proud of 2). I want to change 1).

  4. Zoom seems to be much easier then Discord.

Hate to say this, but you are creating a needle to toss into vast field of needlestacks.

Now I am more interested in finding like-minded friends just to talk to, and help each other then in creating any fame or controversy. I am not trying to build a website with wide reach and audience.


I’ve been using godaddy for domain name registration for a couple of decades with no problems at all.

What do you mean “they automatically claimed ownership”? If you search for an unregistered domain name, of course they are going to quote you a price for them to register it for you. That’s their business.

I see, thanks for explaining and satisfying my curiosity :slight_smile: I hope you find to connect to! Loneliness sucks.

A few years ago (and maybe still), some shady registrars were temporarily registering domain names (but without finishing the process) based on customer searched, leaving the real customers “locked in” to that registrar until that temporary registration expired due to non-payment or non-completion or whatever. To other registrars it would look like that domain was taken for the next 24-48 hours, and the customer would be stuck with the first registrar who would then mark up the prices.

I can’t find the right keywords to bring up the news stories about this, but I distinctly remember reading about it a while back. I also don’t know if GoDaddy was one of those people doing this… I doubt it, though. They’re total dicks for a whole host of reasons but I don’t believe they were involved in this particular scam.

If you haven’t spent money yet, I’d take a look at Blogger. It’s free, easy to use and there’s plenty of people on the platform to interact with. Also, Jitsi is even easier than Zoom. It requires no accounts, no subscriptions and no software to install.

Your “controversial politics” seems to mainly be being a hard-core MRA. Have you tried the Reddit?

If you have a Google account, just use Google Sites. I can’t think of an easier platform, and you don’t have to bother with domain name registration and webhosting.

This right here.

Thank you. Bookmarked.