What is the best product/method for preventing/removing the smell of smoke?

After debating if this goes on GQ or IMHO, I decided here would be better.
Anywhoo, I think it’s a pretty simple and straightforward question, so does anyone have the answer? Both preventing and removing methods and/or products are welcome. If you’re wondering what kind of smoke just cigarette and/or marijuana smoke. And if you’re wondering from where, just rooms and/or cars. I’m getting a car next month, and i really don’t my car smelling like stale smoke.
Thanks in advance.

don’t smoke in it - there are too many nooks and cranies into which the stuff will seep and be absorbed.

I suppose you could rig up an inverter, and plug in a big-mother electrostatic air cleaner, but even that wouldn’t be 100%.

Now you have a good reason to reduce smoking - make youself get out of the car before lighting up - it increases the hassle factor, and may be what you need to quit.

Good Luck

Rooms are easy: a shallow bowl of malt vinegar left overnight will remove all traces of tobacco smoke.

As for the car - well, you’ve gotta not smoke in it if you want to keep it smelling fresh, or do the vinegar thing every now and again.

There is a volcanic rock called zeolite that will remove the smell of anything from anything. We use it to take the smell out of burned buildings. It is truly amazing.

You can buy it in bags that you can just hang in your car. Check out your local hardward store, or www.vermontcountrystore.com.

I use that Febreze stuff on clothes after a night at a smokey bar.

Apparently there’s a Febreeze-like product for one’s hair; if say, your hair smelled like smoke and you refused to actually wash it. I haven’t seen or tried it yet, but I kind of prefer to take a shower and just wash it off. I usually squirt some Febreeze on my couches and carpets (no drapes or curtains, but if I did have those I’d use it there too) after a gathering in the living room.

Believe it or not it’s air circulation. The more fans, open windows the better.

In the house, I burn candles. The bowl of vinegar works very well too.

In the car, there can be an unbelievable amount of sticky smoke build up on the inside of the windsheild. Wash it with dish soapy water–the kind that cuts grease, then clean as usual. I spray Febreeze on everything cloth and it works real well. Never let anyone smoke in your car again.