What is the best school field trip you went on?

I still love hash browns. To this day!

In middle school, as part of a long unit on NASA, we took a 3-day trip to Huntsville. I was disappointed we didn’t get to try that 3-axis spinning thingy. I think the trip occurred shortly before the Challenger explosion.

In high school, we visited the University of Chicago during part of a trip to Chicago. I was sold on the U of C during that visit and ended up attending, so that may have been the field trip with the greatest impact on my life.

Grew up in Philly suburbs. Public school. Mid-60s to 1980.

Best? A couple. Touching The Liberty Bell. Watching coins get made at the Franklin Mint. Walking through the enormous human heart at The Franklin Institute.

The single best? Standing in Independence Hall, where the founding documents were writ and signed.


In grade 8, I went on a field trip to the University of Toronto. It was basically a tour of the older part of the campus. In middle school, I was not sure if I wanted to go to university (as my parents pretty much expected I would) or if I wanted to learn a trade (e.g. be a car mechanic). I was very impessed by the experience: seeing the stately campus, visiting the Sigmund Samuel science library (it should come as no surprise that, as someone who is on SD, I have always been curious about learning about the world around me) and having lunch/an Earl Grey tea at the cafe in the elegant Hart House. I think this experience pretty much cemented it in my mind that I would be going to university - and indeed I ended up going to the U of T.

I toured Washington courtesy of Close Up when I was a senior in high school. It was 1977, so Jimmy Carter had just been inaugurated. All the kids I met were from different school systems in the Cleveland area, where I grew up, but our counselor compared us unfavorably to the previous week’s scholars from New Orleans, who were so full of the laissez les bon temps rouler spirit that the vehicle charged with transporting them around D.C. was christened “The Boogie Bus”.

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Philly is also known for the Please Touch Museum which, as one might presume, exists solely to let children touch art and engage with it.

That bell’s made of hardy stuff. A billion reverent touches wouldn’t ever make a dent.

School field trips are an actual thing? Not just made up for movies and teen sitcoms?

None of my schools- elementary through high school- ever did any sort of field trip.

I think the last day of school in Third Grade. Teacher walked us a half mile up the street for ice cream cones at the diner.

I went to a middle school which treated all of the 8th Graders to a fun trip toward the end of the year. My class got a trip to what is now Six Flags New England but I got sick that day and had to stay home.

The best one I went on while at school was a geology field trip, which included some hiking, lots of looking at rocks, and a fossil dig. Certainly sold me on it. But that was a special trip with kids from multiple schools, organized by the University geology students, and only 3 from my school went out of some 25 kids.

The best one organized by the school itself was to the local castle. It included the traditional “turn off the lights in the dungeon” experience, always fun for a class of 13-year olds.

Speaking as a teacher, the field trips I most enjoyed were when we, as a department, would take the entire senior class to court. An entire morning of teenagers sitting in courtrooms, watching the proceedings. The judges loved it, the bailiffs loved it, the kids had a very entertaining and educational experience and the teachers wandered wherever we wanted. Lots of fun and was remembered fondly by those who got to go. Haven’t been able to afford those trips in 15 years, of course.

It wasn’t a field trip per se, but we did have a school trip to Japan. I guess there were about 40 students in total who went, and it was an amazing time.

We did all the standard southern california trips in elementary school - Los Angeles Zoo, Natural History Museum and the adjacent California Science Center (I think it was called the Museum of Science and Industry back then), La Brea Tar Pits (pre-Page Museum, so just some stinky holes in the ground), Mission San Juan Capistrano in 4th grade when we covered California history.
The now-closed Busch Gardens had a bird show that somehow made the place educational, and all us MGM students got to have a day off and go there, watch the bird show, then go on rides (no brewery tour, though)

My 8th grade teacher set up the most memorable trips - Olvera Street and the touring production of Annie at the Schubert in Century City. We also toured TRW (local aerospace company) after they caved about refusing to allow the kid from Colombia to take the tour. Teacher said, “fine, none of us will go” and the company relented. Most exciting thing for us nerds wasn’t the satellites under construction, it was seeing the building where the exteriors for the Star Trek episode “Operation: Annihilate” were filmed.