What is the best song off of "Past Masters, Vol. 2" (The Beatles)?

Previous polls (still active): Please Please Me, With the Beatles, A Hard Day’s Night, Beatles For Sale, Help!, Rubber Soul, Revolver, **Sgt. Pepper’s**, Magical Mystery Tour/Yellow Submarine, The White Album (Discs One and Two), **Abbey Road**, Let It Be, and Past Masters, Vol. 1.

I’ve added a couple of Anthology songs to round out the major discography. There can be only one–which would you choose?

Honestly, “Paperback Writer” is one of my favorite songs of all time. But… but… “Rain.”

I love the Ballad of John and Yoko.

I voted for “Day Tripper” and I never imagined I’d be in the majority (probably for another five minutes). “Paperback Writer” is also a great song, as are both “Hey Jude” and this “Revolution.” “Day Tripper,” though, has a fantastic combination of lyrics and urgent guitar work.

Super tough one, but I went with “Rain”.

“Revolution” is one of the Beatles top five songs.

This is one of the tougher ones, but I went with Rain.

Sorry, I can’t seem to find the “all of the above” button.

This is just an impossible choice. I’m going to have to toss a coin–or three coins, maybe I should consult the I Ching–or do “Eeeny Meeny Miney Moe.”

If it has to be one, “We Can Work It Out.” Short in the running for the Beatles’ finest two and a half minutes ever.

Every time I hear “Lady Madonna,” it becomes an earworm for the next 3 days. The song is so damn infectious (in a good way). From the very first measure it’s got me tapping my toes and nodding my head and singing along with the piano & bass. And superb lyrics too.

About 5 or 6 of the other songs tie for 2nd place.

Paperback Writer. I love the guitar riff, the harmony, the lyrics, the tempo. Everything about it really. But I have to say Revolution, Day Tripper and *Rain *are the runners up. I could have chosen any of those four and been happy with my choice.

Revolution. It’s 42 years ago this month that I saw the video on the Smothers Brothers show. After seeing Hey Jude the week before, it was like icing on the cake!

A lot of good tunes on this collection. “Paperback Writer/Rain” and “Revolution” are great. I appreciate “Let It Be” a lot more than I used to, but I like George’s solo on the Let It Be album. I had to go with “Don’t Let Me Down” for one of John Lennon’s most emotional vocal performances. McCartney’s backing vocals and bass playing also add a lot to this one. And Billy Preston on the Fender Rhodes. Sweet.

Wait a minute, Free as a Bird is on it now? I don’t really think of that as a Beatles song. Although, I am quite fond of Real Love.
Anyway, including complilation albums like this seems like cheating, because of all the singles on them. Paperback Writer is blindingly good, Revolution, Day Tripper and Don’t Let Me Down are great, and I love love love You Know My Name (Look Up the Number). But it has to be Hey Jude.

Of course its Hey Jude, and that’s just a shame for the sake of all the other songs that would win any other conceivable contest.

Agreed. There are some huge songs on here. But “Hey Jude” is just so deservedly iconic.

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Sheesh, this could almost a be a list of The Beatles’ Weakest Hits (although, since it is them, there is still some great stuff there). I voted for “Don’t Let Me Down,” but more because I think it is under-appreciated than because it is clearly the best. It does see to me to one of John’s most emotional performances, and is amazing in how it manges to pack such a lot of feeling into such a minimalist lyric. It foreshadows the best aspects of John’s solo work.

“We Can Work It Out,” “Paperback Writer,” “Lady Madonna,” and “The Ballad of John and Yoko” were my other real contenders, although I do also have a soft spot for “Old Brown Shoe” (slight, but fun). “Revolution” is a decent but overrated song, not nearly as profound as some people seem to think, and anyway, I prefer the album version (“Revolution #1”).

I must admit though that I have never really understood the popularity of the trite and mawkish “Hey Jude,” which I find faintly cringeworthy (the only bit I really like is Paul scatting during the fade), and I am surprised that the dull drone of “Rain” is getting so many votes.

The rest is pure filler.

Had to choose Rain. This was a tough one.

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