What is the best time to visit the laundromat during COVID lockdowns

I normally do my laundry at my parents since I don’t have W/D hookups, but I don’t want to visit them since they’re 70 with various comorbid conditions.

So I want to go to the laundromat, but don’t know when the best time to do so is. Some near me are open until midnight, some are 24/7.

I’m guessing before the virus, the best time to go was business hours on a weekday and the worst time to go was 5-8pm on weekdays or morning/afternoons on weekends. But with so many people at home, I am not sure what are good hours now.

For anyone who has gone to the laundromat, what times do they seem to be most and least busy?

I could always find a 24/7 one and go around 11pm. I’m guessing it’ll be pretty empty them.

Several of our dry cleaners offer drop-off laundry by the pound. Seems that would be a lot safer than sitting around waiting for laundry.

I go very early in the morning, like 5 or 6am and frequently am the only person there. Sometimes another person will enter but it’s large enough to stay more than six feet apart.

The laundromat near me has signs on the doors, saying you should wait in your car while your clothes are in the machines, so there are never more than a few people in the place at the same time. If that’s the case, it shouldn’t matter when you go.

That would be incredibly expensive.

Depends on the per-pound charge. If it’s a nickel a pound, then shit yeah!

Also, don’t forget the virus persists on surfaces. The less you touch when out in public, the better. Poking the temp options and “start” buttons, and opening doors and pushing them shut … that’s a lotta surfaces, compared to dropping off the bundle.

I looked into using a wash-and-fold service once; it seemed to be about twice what it costs me to wash my clothes myself in a laundromat. The question is whether it’s worth the convenience.

But during a pandemic, do you want someone else handling your clothes? I think you’re better off washing your own stuff. If you’re really trying to be careful and avoid public places, wash the clothes at home, in the bathtub or sink and then hang them to dry, perhaps over the shower rod. (If you’re isolating at home anyhow, who cares if your clothes are a little stinky or wrinkled?)