What is the best way to clear acne?

Along the lines of the Proactiv thread…
what is the best way without going to derma?
just regular acne… not those monster stuff…

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Other than that, I always just washed my face and used Strydex.

It’s amazing the dirt I can get off with a 2% solution of salicylic acid. I’ve been doing that every night, and it’s improved. I’m plannig to combine that with benzoyl peroxide, and stop only when my skin starts flaking. With my oily skin, fat chance.

I find that due to my incredibly terrible diet my face gets really greasy throughout the day. I counter this with a face wash every couple hours. I know thats a lot but it really helps. My face feels nice and the acne has cleared a lot since i started doing mass washings. The only problem is if i miss my face wash times then my face starts to feel really uncomfertable and I psyche myself into thinking the pimples are growing back :eek: :eek:

It really depends on what kind of acne we’re talking about here. The really serious cases need to be seen by a doc. Most normal cases will improve substantially with regular washing. One thing that the patient should avoid is overdrying the skin…I did this once when I used straight rubbing alcohol to clean my face. Just don’t do it, OK?

Some people won’t show much or any improvement until they go onto an antibiotic regime. Some need other meds or treatments. I’ve had nice results by just using Neutrogena TGel shampoo as my face and body wash.

A good way to test yourself for allergies/sensitivities is to put some of the product on the inside of your elbow, and wait about 48 hours. If you show up with a redness or rash, then you should suspect that you’re allergic or sensitive to that product.

IANAD, but most of my family has acne, and we have made extensive product and method testings.

In my experience there are two kinds of acne. Dirty faced, need-to-scrub-the-grease-off ‘normal’ acne and cystic acne. For one, wash your face. For the second, see a doctor, go to the dermatologist, get the drugs and live a happy life. The sooner the better. I don’t mind the ‘rugged’ look that acne gave me but I would be happier without all those craters.

Here is what the American Academy of Dermatology suggests for KIY treatment of acne:

Treating acne at home.

Most people can control pimples by taking good care of their skin at home. (Sometimes over-the-counter [OTC] creams and lotions help, too.) To help keep your skin clear and smooth, try these tips:

Avoid scrubbing. Dirt doesn’t cause acne. Scrubbing will only inflame and irritate your tender skin.

Use a mild soap. Wash your skin gently with a soap or cleanser that’s specially made for people with acne. Ask a pharmacist for help in choosing one that’s right for you.

Smooth on benzoyl peroxide lotion. Benzoyl peroxide helps dry up your skin and reduce bacteria. (You’ll find these lotions at pharmacies.)

found at: http://www.aad.org/Kids/acne.html