What is the best way to learn shorthand?

Sorry to post so many in one day–

But I need to take notes of a meeting, and can’t record it, so (for future use), what is the best shorthand system for me to learn? I’m not a secretary but such note taking should be useful.

Also, does anyone have experience with EasyScript? Superwrite?

I learned Gregg shorthand in school and it does seem to be a bit easier to learn than
Pitman which uses line thickness and that makes it harder to read other people’s notes. Well it did for me.

I haven’t used shorthand in years and years but I can still read most of it.

EasyScript is speedwriting not shorthand but may be better for your needs. I would just hide a tape recorder in your pocket and hope for the best


I learnt teeline out of a book. It’s pretty easy, took me about three weeks although I never really got to use it.

There are some awesome quality digital recorders that easily fit into a shirt pocket like a pen. Why can’t you record at these meetings? If it’s because it wouldn’t look good carrying a recorder, then I’d definitely recommend one off these devices.