What is the best way to self-teach Epi-Info and/or SAS?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a website, book or other guide to learning SAS or Epi-Info for the purposes of public health related analysis? Any experience of one over the other?

I’ve found that this cite hold all the answers that I’ve needed for SAS programming: http://www.ats.ucla.edu/stat/sas/. Everything from simple descriptive stats to complicated regression models are explained there.

Epi-Info is NOT my go-to program for analysis. It’s okay, but it’s value is limited when there are much better stat packages out there. CDC probably has a user guide online, though. I’d suggest playing around with it using some real data.

Thanks for the advice- looks like a great resource.

For your first experience with SAS, this is the book you want.

The previous posts all seem like great resources. In addition to similar websites, I relied on the ol’ “typing ‘how to I do this in SAS?’ into Google, copying and pasting the code, and playing around with it until it works” method quite a bit when I was doing data analysis in grad school.

i second You with the face on the UCLA site, and also Maeglin on the starter book. Been there with both.

But I hope you are not expecting to learn the statistics themselves that you plan to use (or not use) this way. I recommend you already have that well in hand.