What is the best/worst gift you have received?

For me

Best - a ps4

Worst six cans of pepsi

Best: when I was 8 or so, my aunt (a nun and a medical researcher) gave me one of her used microscopes for Christmas.

Worst: my ex-wife regularly bought me John Grisham books. She never remembered authors I like. I told her I HATED Grisham, so he was the one name she remembered when she went to a bookstore. (I’m pretty sure it was an honest mistake by a sincere non-reader, not a passive-aggressive way of annoying me).

Best: When I was first on my own, and really struggling, my boyfriend’s mother got him to write down all the products I used - toothpaste, shampoo, perfume, etc, and got me the biggest costco-sized package of each and stuffed them all into a huge Christmas stocking. It was almost six months before I had to buy any of that stuff again.

Worst: For my high school graduation, my mother got me a Princess Diana bride doll. It was one of those Franklin Mint-type collectibles, that came with a certificate of authenticity, so she bought it in my name to make sure the certificate would be filled out properly. Then she made the first payment and forgot about it. As a result, my high school graduation present was: Bad credit.

I once received a packet of cleaning wipes as a Christmas present.

The two best gifts I ever got were both birthday gifts and both from my best friend and they were both the best for the same reason: in both cases I hemmed and hawed and dithered about whether or not to buy them for myself and my friend just went and bought them for me and, of course, I found I love them and use them both all the time. One was a Kindle which I received a few years ago and the other was a Roku which I received just this year.

Best: too many to decide. Life’s been good to me so far.

Worst: during my marriage, my in-laws gave me a sweater every xmas. They’d never seen me wearing a sweater (I hate them), yet every year I got a sweater. After the second, I realized it was going to be a “thing”, but it was too late to mention. Somewhere there are fifteen sweaters, new-in-box.

Best or worst?

Not sure about the best, but my mother is a never-failing font of terrible gifts, most of which annoy my wife.

Examples: one year we got: a mop.

My mom was just very excited about this new kind of mop. My wife thought it was a passive aggressive comment on how the house was kept (we are well able to afford any type of cleaning supplies - when I was younger, a mop would have been a good gift!).

When our son was a baby, my mom got him a hat that read: “Chick Magnet”.

In her mind was the cute notion that the kid would attract sweet little baby chickens, like a scene out of a Disney movie. Once again, my wife was not amused.

Even that wasn’t as bad as a gag “gift” given to me by a mischievous buddy: a baby onesie that read “Daddy shoulda asked for a BJ”. That was tactfully disposed of.

Best: when I was 14 my parents bought me a Fender American Strat Plus and an amp. The previous year I had asked for a guitar and they bought me a pawn shop POS to see if I would stick with it and I did, so they bought me a really nice guitar and amp. I still have them both, and they still sound as good as ever.

Worst: when I graduated high school, the entirety of my haul was comprised of a Mickey Mouse alarm clock, and not even a nice one.

Ironically, my best is a 2 liter bottle of Cherry Pepsi.

I became fast friends with a girl when I was in high school and I told her my favorite food/drink combo in the world is mini Oreos and Cherry Pepsi.

A few months after we met, she came to my school for a play I was in (we went to different schools) and the show happened to be on my birthday. She met me backstage after the show with a bag of my cookies and soda.

It was unbelievably sweet to me for her to remember such a small thing I told her once, and to make that effort for me.

It’s something I’ll never forget.

My dog - is both.

The breeder gave him to me. I was the first person to see the new litter, my guy was the runt. I picked up each pup to check them out and every time I put him down he screamed his little head off.
He’s cute, he’s cool, he’s clean, he’s neat, practically housebroke himself, never chewed anything, didn’t bother anything that wasn’t his.
He’s also cost me a small fortune in vet bills, entropion, shar pei fever, skin issues, chronic ear infections, breathing issues, allergies. Now that he is old, blind, and deaf, taking him to the vet stresses him so badly that last time I took him to the vet I ended up at the emergency clinic later that night so he could be treated for the stress.

That’s a sweet story!

Best: A mint condition Fiesta relish tray from the 1930’s. It’s the centerpiece of my Fiesta collection.

Worst: A used t-shirt that was 2 sizes too small. My ex SIL thought I ripped her off when she sold me her POS car that barely ran. The t-shirt was my gift from my brother and her.

The best gift was my brother agreeing that we should not give each other gifts any more for birthdays/Christmas. We both have everything we need, so the gifts we were giving each other prior were not needed by either one of us.

Worst gift fruitcake at Christmas.

Best - vouchers for pottery class.

Worst - A pirated copy of Tomb Raider. I mean, not even a convincing fake - it was a CDR with ‘Tomb Raider’ written on it in pen.

I don’t even have to think about the best gift. On my first trip to Indonesia, one of the guys in the company I was visiting gave me an index card on which he had hand-written some common phrases (good morning, I’m hungry, thank you). He had taken the time to translate the English phrases into Indonesian/Malay for me. I consider it the best gift because of the amount of thought and love it contained. I didn’t know this guy. I had barely had a conversation with him, but he thought enough of a wayward American to try and help a brother out.

Worst gift was the crabs that I got from that roommate in college. Or the Billy Graham book I got for Christmas that year.

Will they fit one of the dogs? :slight_smile:

The ex got them in the divorce!:smiley:

Even better !

Worst Gift: a baby book at my wedding by my bitch of a mother

Best Gift: a handgun at my wedding by my wonderful grandfather

Best: a guy I worked with (via phone as he was in a different state) sent me a basket of 39 red roses when I turned 40. He sent it to the office and it was awesome. 39 roses are a lot.

Worst: my mom sent me for xmas a denim maxi skirt with lace at the bottom. At that point I hadn’t worn a skirt in probably 25 years and she knew this. I don’t think it was her trying to get me in a skirt; I think she just thought it was “cute”. (I never wore it.)