What is the chemistry behind "vaginal odor"?

I don’t mean to be crude, but has anyone ever investigated the chemicals behind the smell of… well, you know–pussy stank?

For examble, we have butyric acid behind the great smell of vomit: a classic stench if ever there was one. Now I’m not calling vaginal odor a stench per se, mind you. In fact, I find it to be a veritable tuna steak of fragrance.

So, what esters or fishters or whatever are behind this great smell!?

Vaginas only smell like fish when there is an infection present!!

No, I disagree. There is diseased pussy stank, unwashed pussy stank, and plain old daily fresh sashimi pussy odor.

I don’t want to see the type of women you date. You know, you have to raise your expectations :stuck_out_tongue:

um, in my experience… freshly washed, and freshly stimulated to wetness pussy has a very very very very light scent to it. I think it’s kind of nice, not unpleasent at all.

However, pussy stank… ugh.

Agreed Harmonix
And speaking seriously here (but slightly off-topic), I also enjoy the taste.

I like mine with ketchup.

And, isn’t it like all other BO which is because of bacteria eating organic stuff and pooping it out?

Per the Master, it appears that your best bet would be to consult back issues of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Why is Ed, er, Cecil getting worked up over this one question, I wonder? It seems he had access to some good journal articles.

What kind(s) of infection exactly?

Almost all are rectified by the following:

  1. Wash it!

  2. Wash your ass! (This is a big one for men, also)

  3. Wipe front to back!

Bonus: Use a dousche and keed the lawn well manicured.

May not help you out, but my wife is happy with the results. :smiley:

This is the guy to ask

Seriously, George Preti is the man when it comes to body odors.

This is obviously just another thinly-veiled Bush-bashing thread!

IANADoctor, but I have had this explained by nurses I dated. A healthy and clean set of female genitals should have little to no smell. Yeast infections and Trichomoniasis, which is very common, can cause an unpleasant odor. Many women have had this so long that they (and many men) think it is normal. It is not. The traditional treatment for Trich is Flagyl (Metronidazole), oral and inexpensive. And there are many over-the counter preparations now for yeast infections.

Take it from me, washing has little effect on infections, and only a temporary one. They come back quickly if not treated. And men can be carriers without being affected or aware, reinfecting their partners.

If you or your GF have this problem, a visit to the doctor is in order. There is no excuse to inflict this on yourself or your partner.

No, douching is bad for you. The healthy vagina is a self-cleaning system.

Uh uh. Unless you mean a medicated one for someone who already has a problem…Otherwise using a douche pushes bacteria and other nasties deeper inside where they’re more likely to start an infection.

Douching is NOT recommended for the normal, healthy vagina. It washes away the normal flora (good bacteria) that helps protect it from the bacteria that causes problems. If a woman feels as though she must douche, plain water is recommended.

He is right about keeping things trimmed though. The most popular theory on why we even have pubic hair is that it holds onto the scent better. So, less hair less smell. And, in my experience, every woman, trimmed or no, who showers in the morning will have some odor that evening.

Some people here seem to think I’m complaining about my S.O.'s pussy. I’m not!

I’m also not disappointed with pussy scents in general. I’m just curious about some of the chemicals that go into making that fine sardine-esque fragrance.

Nitrogenous compounds.