What is the collective noun for a group of websites?

Seriously smart collective of minimalist websites abstracted by a blogger at textbased.com/~minimalist/

Just for fun: between us we could determine what is the collective noun for a clutch of websites: a netlot? a browserful, a screenfiller?

We could make grammatical history here because I think I will alert the OED to our short-list then we can © it to, er … who do you think we should attribute this new collective noun to?

This post is duplicated from IMHO

a link of websites

an url (pronounced “earl”) of websites

a futility of websites

a memory of websites

I’ve been using “ring” if all the sites have something in common. I don’t know where it comes from, but I’ve seen it in other places (“a ring of fan sites”) where you can click on a button to take you to a random one of the sites or move through them in order.

Rings are linked through URLs but I could see using ‘ring’ as a collective noun.

It’s a Geekel.

a nest of websites

Maze, jungle, knot, labyrinth, mesh, morass, skein, snarl, tangle or linkazoid.

A village

A surrounding

A mess

A bunch

A gurgling

A digit

A passel

Okay. You know how when you troll XXX-rated porn sites you can accidentally trigger dozens and dozens of explicit pop-ups?

That’s called a clusterfuck.

There are PORN sites on the web?!? :eek:

How about a “gig” of Web sites?

Didn’t I read this in another forum?

In any case, how about a Google of sites?

…or maybe a Gaggle. Collective noun, no trademark issues.