What is the connections between bullying children and brutalizing helpless animals?

"Nova Scotia dog repeatedly kicked, brutalized expected to recover."


I just today realized the connection between people who brutalize animals and kids who bully weaker kids.

The connection is that in both cases, the victims are essentially helpless. They are usually too weak to fight back. So the brutalizer usually gets away with their crimes.

I can understand why so many people feel so hateful towards bullies.

The dog in this story is just the sweetest looking thing. Isn’t he?

It makes my blood boil to think that some monster would enjoy brutalizing this animal in the way they did.

I am overcome by the feeling that it was a mistake to banish the death penalty because in cases like this, it would seem to be appropriate.

But, Of course, I know that is a very foolish thought and it would be absurd to torture the creeps who do that sort of thing to helpless animals.

I wonder just what the appropriate response should be. Maybe some kind of forced education? Maybe some way these people should be forced to experience the way in which the victims feel - without torturing them somehow?

Or do you think they should be tortured?

There’s a pretty strong connection.