What is the deal with Lyndon Larouche?

I mean - who is this guy?

I was in a chat room just now talking politics and his name came up - I remember vaguely seeing political ads on TV a few years back and one phrase in particular cropped up that I recall was curious “The London-Wall Street Economic Oligarchy”. I don’t know why I remember that, but it came back to me just now.

So is he just some well-financed kook? or someone we should watch out for - another less-amusing version of Ross Perot perhaps?
Lovable Rogue

A paranoid loon. Personally, I find people like this quite funny, but perhaps that’s just me. Check …

He believes there’s an Anglo-American establishment conspiracy to take over the world. The Queen is in on it, of course.

Is she still dealing drugs?

…and pornography, don’t forget the pornography. But what do you expect when the royal family, the CIA, Rupert Murdoch, environmentalists and world Jewry get together to plot the downfall of the global economy?

What’s even more sad are the kooks who pop up in place of Lyndon.

David Icke is far more well-known now.

Lyndon thought the royal family was the center of a worldwide drug dealing empire.

Dave thinks that the royal family are shapeshifting lizards who eat babies in ritual sacrifices.

That’s progress, isn’t it?

I think we need the link

Warning - this is seriously odd

My favorite quote:

Seriously odd indeed…

Larouche had faded into the deep background already by the end of the 80s. He was just so devoid of personal charisma, I guess, that he could not really compete with the real cults of the 80s, or the Web cults of the late 90s. I suppose his time in the slammer took the wind out of his sails.

I remember he made a whole series of 30-minute infomercials for himself back in 80-84, one of which was dedicated to an all-out Mars colonization project as a technology driver… heavy stuff, man.

I gotta stop following links posted on these boards. :slight_smile:
Yet another unfortunate person who did not heed the warning to not take the brown acid…

Tamealien- I didn’t know Eric Bischoff had a politcal website! :smiley:

Here’s an excellent book that tries to unravel the LaRouche enigma, it’s a little out of date, but a good resource on the subject, you actually might be able to find a copy at the library:

I’ve been studying LaRouche’s political movement for 20 years and am still mystified, though I am quite convinced obviously that he is kook, and probably a con-man.

From what I can gather is he was a 60s style Marxist who made a radical shift to the right somewhere in the 70s. He has run for the Democratic Presidential nomination every political election since around 1980, but he and his Democratic Policy Committee have been pretty much blown off by the Dems. Then every election he runs as an indie.

In the 1980s he actually was a small threat at the ballot box, but today, after serving a stint in prison for tax evasion (which of course convinced his followers the government is trying to silence him even more) he pretty much has been relegated to non-substantial status.

In the 1980s he managed to get several of his candidates elected to the Democratic nominations for several state posts in Illinois, by cleverly selecting candidates with short, easy to read names on the ballot, such an embarrassment for the Democrat Party there that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Adlai Stevenson ran as an indie.

Apparently somehow the LaRouchies were also able to ingratiate themselves with some leaders in Third World countries, and the above book claims that the group attempted to start demonstrations and riots in several Latin American countries in an effort to get those countries to default in billions if dollars of internationl loads, plunging America into financial chaos allowing LaRouche to take over as Dictator. (LaRouche thinks the IMF is evil in that it is a tool of the British Royal Family to commit third world genocide). Personally I find that a bit far fetched, but that’s what the book sez.

According to the book, publically the LaRouchies believe that England is America’s enemy, and that the Royal Family is the head of a drug dealing cabal that is the source of evil all around the world. They favore SDI and I guess developing third world nations.

But the author contends that there is a darker agenda underneath their public platforms: British people are actually descendants of the “evil” Jewish race, who are from the veil ancient Empire of Babylon, and that the world has been involved in a centuries long struggle between Aryan culture, represented at it’s highest point during the Weimar Republic, and Babylon, now run by the Royal Family.

Oh, and LaRouche hates Henry Kissinger.

As for his books, I’ve desperately tried to read a few, and his ramblings on his website, but they are unreadable. His following has been desribed as cult like.

I told you this gut is a kook. Hope this helps!

David Icke, surely, is not a kook at all. Reading the website quoted above, it seems obvious to me that this is simply a smart ass concocting a bizarre story as a big joke - and making some $$$ out of it too.

Larouche, OTOH, seems to be the real, delusional, obsessive thing.

Viewed as fiction, Icke is corny (the Queen and George Bush are descended from reptiles from outer space), while Larouche is disturbing.