What is the deal with rock musicians being "found dead"?

…rock musicians being “found dead”? Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain, Michael Hutchence, [url=http://www.cnn.com/2002/US/04/20/staley.dead/index.html] Layne Staley**, Stuart Adamson…

I’m not being facetious; I find this sad. FTR, when I told Mr. Rilch, I refrained from saying, “Another rock musician was found dead!” Just wanted to ask if anyone had noticed this pattern. I’d like to say something profound, like “A musician’s life is lonely after the cheering stops”, but I don’t want to nauseate anyone.

My impression is that if some rock star (or ex-rock star, forgotten long ago) is found dead, the media love to get this feeling over to the audience; it fits so well with the cliché we all have about the decline of former popularities. I mean, everybody is found dead sooner or later, but media coverage doesn’t try to create this impression if, say, a well-respected politician dies.

I can’t believe I didn’t preview…

Layne Staley

Schnitte, yeah, I understand about the media, but I’m just wondering why so many rock musicians are “found dead” in the first place, as opposed to actors, politicians, or other newsworthy people. Actors die before their time, too, but they’re not usually alone.

Comedians can be “found dead”, too: John Belushi, Chris Farley and I think Lenny Bruce. But most celebrities seem to die in hospital, or at least with witnesses.

Wasn’t Marilyn Monroe “found dead”?

Because when they are “Found Alive” it doesn’t make the news. Unless they are Jim Morrison.

Or that guy from the Manic Street Preachers. But I think he’s been declared dead.

Again I say, I’m talking about how they die, not how they make the news.

I think it has more to do with cause of death. Most of the people you cited died due to overdose or suicide (or both). You don’t commit suicide in the presence of others, and if you OD when your friends are around, they’ll usually take you to the hospital.

Why is it reported so pointedly in the news? They want you to know that DRUGS ARE BAD, and if you use them you’ll die a miserable lonely death.

hobgnoblin, that makes sense. Thank you.

— me

— Layne Staley re: Kurt Cobain.


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It’s better to burn out,
Than it is to rust…

(yes, I know Neil hates this, and why)

The first thing I thought when I heard about Layne Staley was ‘Damn. They got The Rooster.’

Usually it’s because they wanted to be alone while doing whatever it was that killed them. Activities like auto-erotic asphixiation, free-basing, bestiality, or shooting yourself in the head are not things you’d do in the presense of others. They’d either discourage you or, if they’re more typical entourage members, they’d want you to share.

Or Elvis.

Over on www.fathom.org, someone commented “Man in the box indeed.”

So I see that hobgnoblin and I are on the same morbid path.

It feels so wrong.

I think we’ll all be “found dead” someday.

I also believe, in the case of OD victims, that they’re so deeply buried in their addictions by that time that they don’t have too many loved ones hanging around. In the case of Layne, it has been reported that he was found partially decomposed–meaning he had been dead for several days (perhaps a even a few weeks) before someone had the sense to check up on him–which is, IMO, the saddest part of the whole story.

I found a site that claimed that rock music was satanic and evil, and that rock stars who died young and alone did so because God was striking them down. I believe the author attached special significance to the ones who choked on their own vomit, something along the lines of punishing them for the evil that came out of their mouths. Real fun, happy-go-lucky kind of site.

Strangely, I didn’t bookmark it. Can’t think why. Perhaps someone else knows how to find it again?

this guys drug problem was so bad it was only a matter of time. the big news would have been finding him alive in 5 years. he did so much junk he had to amputate his hand! no surprise here. the sad part of this story is why someone with artistisc talent starts putting that shit in themselves to start with.

If “The Osbournes” is this generation’s “Father Knows Best”, why does Princess refuse to appear on camera?