What is the difference between a simian and a primate?


What is the difference between a simian and a primate? I’d like some concrete examples please.
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Primates is a larger group. It’s made up of simians (humans, monkeys, apes) and prosimians (lemurs, lorises, bushbabies, etc.)

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Good answers here - http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080619105243AAT1yuz

Simians are the most intelligent animals ever seen. They may one day evolve to the point where they create some sort of computer network, where simple definitions can be looked up.

Read the quote again. It states the difference. All simians are primates, but not all primates are simians.

Without looking it up I have always thought that “simian” was an informal term referring to non-human higher primates.

It can be, in the vernacular. In scientific terms, it’s not cladisticly* accurate to group the non-human primates together without humans. But then, it’s also not accurate to group the monkeys together (old and new world) without including apes.
*If that’s a word

Here’s the tree structure of the (currently accepted) relationship of the members of the order primate:

These days, the term “simian” refers to a group that’s a couple of levels down on the tree from what’s referred to by the term “primate.” “Simian” is an old term though, and previously it referred to a slightly different group. Here’s the article on simians, which explains the changes in the name:


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Almost. The word is cladistically.

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