What is the Dutch term for "Red Light District"

I’m wondering specifically about the famed one in Amsterdam.

I just always called it the “oudezijds voorburgwal”.

Sure, that’s easy for you to say.

I called a Dutch friend of mine and he said, “the Red Light District, is actually like ten small districts each with their own name. the most popular name is De Wallen”. He also added that they usally just refer to it as the Red light District.

IIRC during a canal tour the guide mentioned that they’re named for the surronding canals around each individual district.

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By this you mean they use the English phrase, correct? I only ask because I bought a sweatshirt with the logo of the University of Amsterdam on it. I doubt they sell this sort of sweatshirt in the Netherlands–it’s done up in standard American collegiate style with the Big U in the middle etc , but I digress…

The school’s “slogan” says “rood licht partij” which I presume was supposed to mean “red light district” though it really means “red light organization” or the like. It got me wondering what phrase or term the dutch use for the area.

Thanks for everyone’s help

I don’t actually speak Dutch, but I’d parse that as “Red Light Party”.

I think you made a mistake, you should have posted this in the Cthulhu Mythos pronunciation thread.

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I do think the locals just refer to ‘de Wallen.’ The streets in that side of town are named after old town walls, so Oudezijdsvoorburgwal is the ‘old-side fore-town-wall.’ So de Wallen: the walls, those streets as a group. Also ‘walletjes’-- the little streets. I think for ‘red light’ more generically (in any town-- Ghent, Antwerp, Haarlem, etc) they will say rosse buurt-- the pink district. I don’t think the phrase ‘rode licht’ is used except with traffic lights,but I could be wrong.

I think Cthulhu might have been dutch. I hear he smells of herring, anyway.

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capybara is absolutely correct. ‘De Wallen’ or, ‘De Rosse Buurt’ it is.

btw: If you want to visit the red light district in Amsterdam, I suggest you hurry it up.
The chairman of the biggest party in Holland wants to get rid of it.
The mainly muslim supporters of his party don’t want prostitution.

Also: There’s a bill of law in the making that forbids the smoking of marijuana in public.
Yeah. Amsterdam is going back in time… :frowning:

There goes the neighbourhood

Nothing wrong with herring, mind you! My grandma Mercotan was born in Zeeland, and her house often smelled like pickled herring.

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