What is the farthest you have driven in one day?

You can count only the miles you drove, not the miles you spent in the back seat sleeping. My record is 880 miles. Sure, I spent the last 100 miles sleeping, but at least I was in the driver’s seat at the time. Just kidding.

By the way, the 880 mi. was from Duluth, Minnesota, to somewhere between Cleveland and Ashtabula, Ohio, in May, 1998. I’ve done 850 mi. or more on three separate occasions. That seems to be about my limit. On really long trips I usually drive anywhere from 650 to 850 miles a day.

Not that far - 540 miles or so from Dallas to New Orleans. Neat thing is on the trip back I made it in exactly 7 hours.

The 2.5-hour drive from my house to my cabin. Probably something like 180-200 miles. I’ve done it in 2 hours before, when I feel like racing.

1100 miles. ohmigod.
Limon, Colorado to Holland, Michigan in one long drive. All by myself. That was stupid, but I managed to get home with half a tank of gas and about 3 bucks in my pocket.

On another occasion, Washington, DC, to Lake Alfred, Florida, 888 miles. I did that one in an MG with a cracked cylinder head. I had to stop every 75 miles to put in a quart of oil and two quarts of water. When I got home, I shot the car to put it out of its misery.

1253 non-stop in 23hours

In one fit of near lunacy drove Sydney to Adelaide approx 1,400km (900 miles) in just over 12 hours by myself (to attend a mate’s 21st birthday party would you believe). Returned two days later at a more leisurely pace.

Driving to visit the in-laws (Sydney to Brisbane) is 1,000 km while my parents live 800km south west of Sydney. We’ll be doing both trips between mid Dec and Mid Jan.

600 miles in one day–all within the borders of Pennsylvania. And I attended a 10-hour long academic competition. That was a long day.

Lansing MI to Dalton (?) Georgia - what is that like 700 - 800 miles?? do I get extra points since my only companion was a 6 year old?

New Orleans, LA to Richmond, VA. By the end of the drive (in an Acura Integra, not the most comfortable car) my wife and I were literally screaming at each other we were so miserable. I have never been so happy to get out of a car.

Seems that every long weekend we drive from Toronto to Indiana (~400 miles). We end up leaving mid afternoon and arriving late at night, spend 2 days and return the third.

In '91, a friend suggested going camping up north (~2 hour drive, maybe) for a couple of days and ended up on the following excursion:
Day 1 - 450 miles : Hamilton, Ont - Sault Ste Marie
Day 2 - 425 miles : The Soo - Thunder Bay
Day 3 - 715 miles : Thunder Bay - Yorkton, Sask
Day 4 - 350 miles : Yorkton - Waskesiu
Day 5 - 425 miles : Waskesiu - Edmonton, Alta
Day 6 - 275 miles : Edmonton - Banff (via Calgary)
Day 7 - 800 miles : Banff - Brandon, Man
Day 8 - 565 miles : Brandon - Thunder Bay, Ont
Day 9 - 425 miles : Thunder Bay - the Soo
Day 10 - 460 miles : The Soo - Hamilton
I did all the driving in my 85 Nissan 200 SX, with the hatchback filled with our camping stuff, only prepared for a weekend. We had minimal stops between destinations (other than to drop in unannounced on a few friends and family along the way).

My wife and I also had a driving tour of Scotland where we drove about 100-200 miles a day for 10 days. It cost a fortune in gas.

I’ve driven from Lancaster, CA (north of L.A.) to Ashland, OR a couple of times. It’s about 800 miles, I guess.

I’ve driven to Park City, UT and Salt Lake City, UT (once to each city) from L.A. I don’t know how far that was.

A friend and I drove from Lancaster to Denver, but we traded off. It took us 22 hours in a '66 MGB with a bad oil leak.

Longest I’ve done in one day by myself is 600 miles, from Ithaca, NY to the outer banks of NC, via DC (shortened the trip by 40 miles on the way home). Furthest in one day sharing the driving between 2 people was 917 miles. (Hilton Head, SC to Ithaca)

Jesus, it wasn’t Perry, Madison or Painesville, was it? I hope you took a bath after. (Perry native, here.)

The longest I’ve driven in a single day is Cleveland to Chicago, however far that is.

Phil, Its 350 miles.

Went from NY to Fla and made it in 21 hours, a total of 1289
miles (according to mapquest) but being as I was working as a trucker at the time it seemed like no big deal.Oh this was a pleasure trip in my own car so no need for logs and such.

Last summer I went on a road trip and noted my mileage each day:

6/22/2000: Washington, DC to Mayfield, KY: 939 miles
6/23/2000: Mayfield, KY to Watonga, OK: 804 miles
6/24/2000: Watonga, OK to Roswell, NM: 954 miles

Note that I didn’t take the most direct route from place to place. After the first 3 days I slowed my pace a little. in 26 days I drove 13,401 miles, averaging 515 miles per day. I did the whole trip solo.

On the trip I met someone who visited all fifty states in nine days (Saturday through Sunday a week later), just to see if it could be done. He drove to all of the lower 48 and flew to Alaska and Hawaii. I believe he averaged 1200 miles per day. I have the data at home and can post it later.

Naugutuck, Connecticut to New Orleans, Louisiana. 1,400 miles in 26 hours. Girlfriend at the time slept in the passenger seat, hardly speaking a word to me the whole trip. She was suffering from flu. I drove with no music and no conversation so that she would be able to rest more easily.

I snapped somewhere in Alabama. I’ve never fully recovered my sanity.

St Louis to Washington, DC

Mapquest gives a different route, so I’ll say about 900 miles.

1867, from Cleveland to Utah back in May. It took 42 hours and tehre weren’t many stops.
Something I will never do again.

Washington DC to Springfield, Illinois. 14 hours. NEVER AGAIN. Next Spiffled, I’m flying.