What is the longest-held current record in any sport?

Excluding 1. Events no longer played, and 2. Baseball records for errors (gloves in baseball’s first decades were awful and the resulting records far greater than any possible now:
What is the longest-held current record in any sport?

You’re also going to have to exclude ‘first ever’ type records - since those are rarely broken.

Dunno, but the America’s cup must rate somewhere - longest ever held trophy. Depending upon how you count - 1851 it was first won, the deed of gift dates from 1857 (and thus the date it became a trophy for challenge) and 1870, the first challenge. Finally won away from US in 1983. So at least 113 years, arguably more. I would say 126 years.

Charles Radbourne, a pitcher who won 60 games in 1884. In those days, a team carried only one pitcher, so every team win or loss was marked up for that pitcher.

Baseball historians regard modern records (1901 - present) to be in a separate category, owing to significant changes in the playing of the game. Some old modern records would bed Jack Chedsbro’s 41 pitching wins in 1904, and Owen Wilson’s 36 triples in 1912.

In Test Match cricket the record for the highest proportion of a teams runs in a completed innings was set by CJ Bannerman with 165 of a total team score of 245 (67.34%). This record was set in the very first Test Match (indeed the very first innings) on 15th March 1877. So that will be 141 years old in 3 weeks time.

According to how Cricinfo currently defines first-class cricket,the lowest team total is 6 , set on 12-Jun-1810, over 207 years ago.

In Athletics the women’s 800m record was set over 34 years ago by Jarmila Kratochvilova. However, there has to be a massive red flag against that one. This was set in a time of rampant doping in eastern Europe and the fact that she looked likeRoger Daltrey doesn’t help matters.

In fact when you look down the list at all thoselong-held records you do tend to go hmmmmmm, at many of them. Perhaps Jonathan Edwards, Javier Sotomayor and Mike Powell are kosher but the rest? I beg leave to doubt them.

Bob Beamon’s Olympic long jump world record set in 1968 stood for 23 years before it was bettered. According to Wikipediait still stands as an Olympic record. Thats a few months shy of a half century!

I think Michael Phelps’s tally of Olympic swimming gold, in the various permutations of mosts is probably going to stand for a while.

Aladár Gerevich won an Olympic gold medal in 1932; and he went on to win another Olympic gold medal twenty-eight years later, in 1960. (He also won plenty of other Olympic gold medals in between, but I think that twenty-eight year span is still the record the better part of a century later.)

The Land Speed Record for Water (or whatever it is called) was set in 1978. Most attempts at setting and breaking this record before and after have resulted in death, which for some reason keeps the number of attempts low.

Dunno, but I’m fairly sure it’s not called that. :smiley:

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Old Hoss won 59 that year, in which the Grays started 6 other pitchers (only one of which started more than 10 games (24)).

Providence carried two starting pitchers that season but the other, Charlie Sweeney, got so drunk on 22 July that he let out a string of verbal abuse when the manager tried to bring in relief. Radbourne volunteered to start every single game from 23 July 1884 until season’s end.

Two I can think of are Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game, nearly 56 years old and Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak over 76 years old. They might never be bettered. It is amusing to observe that Roger Maris held the HR record for a season (37 years, IIRC) longer than did Babe Ruth (only 34 years). That surprised me because, growing up it seemed like Ruth’s was forever, while Maris’s was over in an eyeblink.

Charlie Sweeney, by the way, was the first to strike out nineteen batters in a single game, a record tied a few times but not broken until Roger Clemens got 20 just over a century later.

The first that came to my mind was Wayne Gretzky’s 50 goals in 39 games. The record is 36 years old and unbreakable as far as sports records go.

Bill Mosienko scored 3 goals in 21 seconds 65 years ago or so. This one will be tough to beat as well.

It appears these are a ways down the list, but not too shabby - age wise.

The longest?

That would be the time of the fastest runner of the Sri Chinmoy Self-Trancendence race. At 3100 miles, I offer that as the longest held record. :wink:

Beryl Burton’s 12 hour women’s cycling time trial record in the UK was set in 1967 - 277 miles. It was bettered only last year by Alice Lethbridge at 286 miles - stood for 50 years.

No cycling discipline is more dependent on technology than timetrialling, where aerodynamics starts to exponentially dominate athlete power the faster you go. Club cyclists are putting out times now that 50 years ago would have been international class. But Beryl was a once-in-a-century athlete.

Alice Lethbridge in action


There are round-the-world sailing records (not sue if any have lasted a long time)
Some records (like triples in baseball) are unlikely to be beaten due to changes in the sport.