What is the longest time it took you to get mail?

Last year someone sent me a postcard from Nepal. She sent it at the beginning of November. I got it in mid-January. So, about 75 days.

Can you beat that?

At one point my sister was sending me packages on a regular basis (from the East Coast to the West Coast). I never received the Halloween package, which was sent the first week of November. Both my sister and I reported it to the post office, but didn’t expect to hear anything. In April of the following year, I received a large package in the mail. Inside was my Halloween package, along with a note saying that it had been found in the bottom of a supposedly empty mailbag at a sorting facility. So about 150 days.

A month or so. I don’t know what is supposed to happen when you forward mail, but around here it apparantly means “Let’s just hang onto it for a while, and we’ll eventually get it to where it moved to…all of 4 blocks away.”

No, I can’t beat it. Once in the 90s I sent a package to the Netherlands and it took over a month to arrive. When it did come, customs had opened it, gone through the contents, then dumped it all into a plastic bag and sent it on its way.

Nope, that’s everywhere.

If I had to do college all over again, one of the things I would change is to get a PO box so I wasn’t constantly losing mail moving between apartments every year. Amazon to my house is fine (because of UPS); Amazon you can change your address permanently in 15 seconds. The Post Office is a beast.

When I worked at the library it took us 90ish days to get a package from South Korea.

We sent my nephew a postcard from Costa Rica in early August. It just arrived, about 90 days later. The funny thing is that another postcard we mailed at the same time took about 10 days to be delivered.

When we honeymooned in Australia, we wound up mailing a bunch of souvenirs back to ourselves about halfway through the trip so we didn’t have to keep lugging it all through our travels. We used the Postal service, and picked the cheapest option (land & sea) since the box was heavy and every other option was crazy expensive.

We shipped the box from Cairns in early October, and it showed up at our house near Boston in mid-February, so 90-100 days. It was dirty as hell and covered in stickers like a suitcase from a Bugs Bunny cartoon. But everything was intact!

In January of this year – that’s 2012 – I got an email from a professional colleague thanking me for the letter I had sent him.

“Letter? Are you sure it was from me?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said. “The one from December. It finally got here.”

I said that I had not sent him a letter recently, so he checked the date again.

He wrote back: “It is dated December ***2004!!! ***Yes 2004!!! I just got it!!!”

So my letter took OVER 7 YEARS to get from midtown Manhattan to the City Hall area, a distance of less than 5 miles!

Beat that.

Wow. I think you just won the Intarwebs.

Does “never” (or technically, I suppose, “still waiting” in light of stuyguy’s post) count?

Holiday package from my family several years ago (probably about 4-5 years, now) never arrived. Never found out what happened to it. The post office didn’t know, of course. I’ve moved since then so if they’re going to deliver it a few years late they’d better hurry up before the forwarding order expires. :slight_smile:

Mum sent a package to me this summer too, which never arrived. The funny thing is, when she was posting it, the postal worker asked her if it was perishable, and Mum’s answer was “not if you get it there in a reasonable amount of time.” (It was rhubarb from her garden, which I was really disappointed not to get.)

I ordered a couple of DVDs in early 2003. In mid-2004, they finally arrived - at my new house, about 20 miles away. It’s not a case of somebody at my old address (an apartment house) sitting on the package for months after I had moved out as I didn’t move out until months after I placed the order.

We did a Doper postcard exchange last year. I think one of mine took three months to arrive. That was from the Falkland Islands to the US. One of this year’s cards took a month or two to turn up from South Africa.

I got a package from Barnes & Noble after about 5 months. It was shipped from New Jersey to the Cayman Islands (that’s the Caribbean for those who aren’t familiar with our little rock) and it had a postal cancellation stamp from France on it when it arrived!?

About seven months.

When I was dating my husband on the internet and on the phone, I shipped him a package from Las Vegas where I lived to Sydney where he lived.

Seven months. I arrived before it did. Someone, despite my clear, block-letter, inch high notation that the address was in Australia, sent it to Austria.

It eventually got there from Vienna, but judging by the stickers, stamps and postmarks, it sat in the PO there for a few months. I often wonder if they have a big bin marked “AustrALIA damn it!” that they just fill up and when it’s full, they send the contents onward.

It’s not the first time a package has gone to Vienna when adressed to one of us from the US, just the time that took the longest.

A friend in the Peace Corps in Fiji once sent me a letter that took about six months to arrive. I’m pretty sure she got back to the States before it did.