What is the minimum $ rebate worth your time mailing in?

I have a receipt and a mail in rebate form in my glove box for a $20 Kohls gift card for a Keurig I bought last week.
I don’t have any envelopes at home or any stamps and I don’t know if it’s worth my time to aquire these things just so I can get $20 of my next Kohls purchase.

Last time I mailed in a rebate was for $200 on a $400 Canon printer.

An actual rebate, like them mailing me a check (or prepaid credit card), I’d say my threshold is around five dollars.
A “rebate” which is actually just a coupon to use at the store, I don’t know…probably around the same, however, I don’t count that as a rebate. Menards is notorious for this. They have “11% off everything” sales a few times a year. It’s okay if I’m spending a good amount of money, but I’m not going over there to buy $20 worth of stuff to get a $2 coupon in the mail a few weeks later.

I think $20 would be worth it, you’ll eventually use the envelopes and stamps anyway.

I’d say $10 is about the minimum that I would bother with. Thankfully, with mobile deposit, it’s easy enough to deposit a physical check when i get them.

I think $5 is my threshhold for making any kind of effort - and then only if it’s real money. I’m not much for coupons - I’ve held far too many past their expiration dates.

Hard to say. I’d probably lose a $5 rebate slip before I got around to mailing it in. Maybe a $10 rebate, $20 or more would go on the list.

I’ve filled out forms that were $2 minimum rebate but it applies to multiple items so technically I got more. But I probably would’ve done it with one.

Rebate Visa cards I’d forget about, so they get immediately converted to Amazon gift cards and applied to my account.

I might bother to try to find my stamps for a $50 rebate. Maybe. (I think I bought some of those everlasting stamps a half-decade or two ago, I think. I do haven envelopes though. In my closet. Don’t I?)

For $100, I’d almost certainly jump through a hoop or two. I mean, that’s real money. Even faced with my epic laziness, that’s real money.

$20, provided the form doesn’t take more than a minute or two to complete. But I already have forever stamps and envelopes in my desk, so that makes it easier.

I think I’ve sent in a rebate for $3 but like **TriPolar **it was two of them, so I got $6. But yeah I’d definitely do it for $5.

What is the minimum $ rebate worth your time mailing in?

Do I have peely stamps or do I have to lick 'em?

Last night I was walking down the road and found a shiny nickel.


A $5 rebate is worth my time. It takes two minutes to prepare and my time is worth less than $150/hr of post-tax income.

But in reality I ain’t gonna do shit for less than $20.

I got a $1.87 rebate. Considering it cost me 49 cents to mail in the form, I guess that makes my minimum $1.38.

Who am I kidding? I’d probably do it for $1.25.

We purchase a good number of “staples” at Menards - cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towel, laundry detergent, Swiffer refills, laundry detergent and other stuff like that - so it’s definitely worth our while to send the receipts in at 11% time. Some might be small, but hey, if you save them up, they can make a real dent in future purchases. And they do the 11% thing often enough that it is definitely worth our time. :slight_smile:

I have rarely done rebates in recent years. I consider them a disincentive and online shopping usually doesn’t have those.

I did one for $20, I think, last winter. So that’s an upper bound.

Note: I’m glad I discovered that I can buy myself an Amazon gift certificate with those pre-paid card type rebates and such. No need to worry about spending every last penny of it, expiration, etc.

About 8 or 9 years ago I bought an oil additive that had a 50 cent mail in rebate, limit 1 per household.

Subtracting the cost of a stamp and an envelope my net profit would have been a measly nickel. :rolleyes:

Here’s another vote for $20.

Self addressed stamped envelope maybe $10.00

I generally won’t bother at all. If they want to lure me in with a low price, they can damned well give me that low price at the checkout stand.

You think $ 100 are worth leaving your seat and search for an envelope? And write the adress on it? Put a stamp on it? And then you need to mail it, right?

Well, maybe you’re right. But I guess all this can be be done later, tomorrow maybe? Especially since you’re dealing with an emergency : someone is wrong on the internet.