$200 rebate, Should I use certified mail?

I’m about to send in a $200 rebate…Should I use certified mail and get a signature? I’ve always been worried that if the mailman walks up the rebate place and asks for a signature that they’ll just refuse it. Anyone ever done this??

Wouldn’t you then have proof they refused it?

Yes, I would have proof they refused it. But I still wouldn’t get my rebate.

I’m quite sure that with large $ rebates that they are prepared to rubber stamp and/or sign the return receipt card. I get the cards back from IRS, and other places that I want to have record of reciept.

I’m just going to go ahead and send it that way. I just noticed that it’s a PO Box, (which I have sent certified mail/signature confirmation to before). I figure if they refuse it and I get it back with enough time to send it out again, I’ll send it without the signature card. Otherwise I’ll call them up and complain. It doesn’t say anywhere on the rebate form that it can’t be sent this way. If they still won’t I’ll call the State Attorney Generals office in New York and see what happens.

I’ve sent larger rebates and I’ve never bothered to use anything but regular mail.
Just make a copy of all the receipts and UPC labels you’re sending. Try to address the envelope with a printer for clarity, and make sure you have appropriate postage and all the required stuff if filled out (and signed if necessary) and doubel check all the required attachments.

It’s a little dance but it’s very rare that a reputable manufacturer wants to scam you out of big rebate. Litte rebates can be forgotten but almost everyone with a hefty rebate is going to be apply for it.

Seems to me certified mail is easy, inexpensive insurance against the “We never got your rebate info and now it’s too late” dance. For that amount of money, I’d do it.