what is the most amount of $$$ (money) that you've spent in 1 day?

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$5,000 downpayment on my car.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Does the $10,000 that I won at the track and then gave back count?

Do we count the entire mortgage or just the downpayment?

Are we counting plane tickets and gambling? If not, my $1500 down on my brilliant red barchetta wins. Besides that, I bought a TV with vcr for $250. I’d like to be a big spender, but don’t have the trust fund for it.

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You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

You lost it back, right? Please tell me you lost it back to the track.

Mine was moving capital gains from the sell of one property to buy another.


If we’re talking mortgages, then $175,000. If we’re only talking down payments, then $45,000 that wasn’t a loan.

If we’re just talking something you paid in full for, then our SUV, $31,000.


$10,000 at the track… I have a friend who won $17,000 in one bet, put it all back in within 2 weeks. They wanted to pay him with a cheque and he said no way, I paid you cash, now you pay me cash! lol

Most I spent in one day was about $8,000 in repaid loans after winning the lottery. Also once spent about $5,000 furnishing a new house. Fun, fun, fun. :slight_smile:

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Well, I’m only 18, so I don’t think I’m in the same leagues, but when college started I blew $400 in Frat dues, $200 in books, and $300 in clothes all in one day. Thank you for your time.


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wow Dalou, you wont the lottery?
how much if i may ask?

thats awesome! i wouldnt mind… :slight_smile:

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most i ever spent i n one day not counting my car or vacation payments was a $10,000 shopping spree in Atlantic city. my ex(long since)fiance (aka the father of my children)
would think nothing of dropping $25,000 in a weekend down there. As we passed a roullette table i added some numbers in my head really quick, birthdays or something, and came up with the number 20, so i said put a bet on black 20. He dropped $1,000 in chips on it and as the wheel spun he looked at me and said its gonna hit. the odds of hitting a number straight up in roullette is 36 to 1.
It hit everyone hoorayed etc. he kissed me and said to take half the winnings.($18,000)
So i did, hit every store on the boardwalk, the mall, everywhere. I had to buy suitcases to get the stuff home. mostly clothes,for me and my son(only had one at the time), shoes, jewelry,etc. i hardly even gambled with it(maybe $1000)
I took the rest home and don’t even remember what i did with it, paid some bills and did more shopping i suppose.

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Five thou for a baby grand piano.


NLG 23,000 for my car (some 11,000 USD).
NLG 300,000 for my appartment (some 140,000 USD).

And I just spent NLG 1100 on a superb Burberry’s 3 piece pinstripe suit !! Woohoo !


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If we’re talking “real money” it would have had to be $5K to pay off my car. If we’re talking loans, $250K for my house.