What is the most dangerous sport?

after a quick googling I came up with lots of various opinions, base jumping, bull riding, NASCAR etc. However, no real statistical evidence (e.g fatalities/1000 participants/unit time). Any real dope?

Russian roulette? Fatalities: 1/6.

Russian Roulette with a Semi Automatic: Fatality: 1/1

Seriously though, I remember reading the the No of injuries /person in college sports was highest for Football and second highest for… cheerleading.

Bull Riding


NutMagenet, bullshitting is a highly refined ART and really can’t be included in the realm of sports. Besides, if done properly, it is as safe as brushing your teeth.

This article: http://www.reporternews.com/2001/opinion/erbe0808.html
is pretty interesting, but reports basketball is the most “dangerous” in terms of number of injuries per player. Sports writers tend to favor bullriding as the most dangerous sport in the world.

Me, I think that the most dangerous sport out there is making fun of my 15 year old daughter when she’s getting ready for a date. She’s quick, and shoes hurt when they hit you in the head.

Interesting question. Here is a case for snowboarding


Some decent stats on mountain climbing:


There is also a disturbing percentage of professional wrestlers that die under the age of 40. Not in the ring (though I think there have been a few in ring deaths over the past three years) but because of the lifestyle and drug use brought on. It is a profession that requires brutal travel and brutal pain on the body.


doing dare-devil stunts with motorbikes - they break lots of bones and sometimes die.

I found that article too, but it only reports the total number. To get any real figures you would have to know (i) are they talking about professionals, or overweight dads in the backyard and (ii) how many people or preferably how many man hours are spent playing it.

Re Russian roulette, I seem to remember an aussie criminal that a film was made of (Chopper I think) that liked to play russian roulette to show off. He did it so often my guess is that he could tell after spinning the chamber where the bullet was. So maybe a professional RR player would have much better odds than 1/6.

If a sport was dangerous, seems to me there would be fewer & fewer people to do it. Therefore,
it would be one of those rare sports.

I bet that jai alai is up there, depending on how you define dangerous.

If you were to be playing it on a regular basis, wouldnt you get your revolver spinning really well, so that the heavy bullet would usually end up on the bottom?

I don’t know how difficult that would be, most of my experience is with rifles, which makes roulette pretty difficult.

Cave diving is reputed to be a very dangerous pastime.

I remember hearing somewhere that hydroplane boat racing had a lot of fatalities. The particular statement was something to the effect that once you won the national championship or some such, you’d best retire or the odds were good you’d die in a subsequent race.

Hearsay = I hear it then say it.

The most dangerous track and field sport is pole vaulting. (And javelin judging ;)).

Underwater cave diving is for sissies. Try to be a good loser after playing a round of Mayan Death Ball! :smiley:

More educated speculation, #1 for injuries - bull riding. In fact, a bullriders injuries closely approximate the kinds of injuries seen in the remains of our prehistoric ancestors. #1 for deaths - mountain climbing, lumping both technical and non-technical climbing together.

How 'bout air racing? Not a lot of fatalities, but still very dangerous tooling around in a 50-year-old fighter with a souped-up engine running a good deal faster than it was ever designed to, surrounded by other guys in similar aircraft. Oh, and do this at about 100 feet off the ground.

Extreme fighting or UFC? No fatalities and very few permenent injuries but minor fractures, dislocations etc in pretty much every bout.

Also I heard a rumour that in Nigeria people play Capoeira with Machetes. Real Deathmatches.

Are there any other genuine Africans on the board who have heard anything about this?

You’ll have to add Rhode Island to that list…Newport, RI has quite a popular jai-alai facility (one that I’ve lost a good lump of cash to, at that), and it hasn’t been closed down in the 20+ years its been there.

Cheating at poker?

Seriously, I always heard it was hang-gliding. Like Scupper, this is hearsay. No cite.