What is the most decadant thing you've ever eaten?

OK, you go to the Coney Dog stand at Mermaid’s. You order the fried Twinkie. Yes, that’s right. Fried Twinkie.

See, they take a Twinkie and shove a stick in it. Then they dip the Twinkie in batter and toss it in the deep fryer. When it’s all nice and golden brown, they take it out of the deep fryer, sprinkle it with powdered sugar and give it to you. You give them a dollar and you eat the fried Twinkie.

Then you die of a heart attack because it instantly clogged all of your arteries. You get reincarnated, grow up, go back to Mermaid’s and have another one.

Next decadant treat?


the most decadent dessert I’ve ever had? I posted about it earlier. The white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Oreo cookie crust…oooooh, man…heaven…

The Osso Buco at La Strada’s in Reno is to DIE for!!!

A baby cow died to give me MUCH pleasure…

Foie Gras, which is very controversial right now due to the cultivation process.

That just sounds wrong.
For me, it’s my namesake. I thought cheesecake was the best thing ever, until I tasted tiramisu. The best I had so far was at a place called Macaroni Grill. Since it’s a chain I wasn’t expecting too much but it was melt in your mouth, make you weak in the knees, near orgasm good.

Pretty much anything that’s already naughty/decadent will be even naughtier/more decadent when deep fried (though I am partial to deep fried oreos).

Actually, chicken fried steak is a bout as good as it gets. With white gravy please. God Damn!

But That ain’t decadent…

Decadent is all about eating undercooked pork, ultra-rare steaks or half-price sushi.

Actually, most of my personal dietary indescretions invole NaCl, sprinkling salt on a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, for example. I’ll take beef jerky over ice cream any day, and decadent is a relative term.

A flourless chocolate decadence. Yes, flourless. Damn, was that thing RICH! Thank goodness I shared it with my pal, or we both would have been sick.

Does lion count as ‘decadent’?

Oh my god. I went to a place recently that served this. We split it between three people.

You win.

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I remember an old Peanuts strip from the '60s that had me laughing for days after I read it. We see Linus in the kitchen holding a squeeze bottle over a bowl. In the next panel he’s sitting in front of the TV, with the bowl in his lap, munching on something. Lucy comes in and asks, “What are you eating?” Linus answers, “Sugar lumps with honey.” Lucy claps her hands over her mouth and runs. Linus calls after her, “They’re good with cinnamon, too.”

Never actually tried it.

Peking Duck…Pizza.

Got it in a little place in San Francisco. It was good, too.

And that purple-black “Forbidden Rice” I’ve tried, if the story behind it is true, would have been considered decadent in the right time and place. And it only set me back $5.

I like to cook with lard at home and all store-bought lard is yucky hydrogenated crap so I render my own lard. Whenever you render lard, you get crackling which is basically pig fat deep fried in pig fat.

we always used to make lard when we killed a pig. My mother made scones/biscuits with the ground cracklings. Funny, I never thought of cracklings as decadent. We just ate them dipped in salt and paprika.

I’ve recounted this before.

A bit of winedrinking the night before, a long lie in, waking up to a glorious sunny day and a view of the beach, turning up at the breakfast table in my pyamas and being confronted by my friend’s superb scrambled eggs and a flute of champagne. Best start to the day. Ever.

Oh and Tiramisu. You are one of my favourite desserts too. But a good one in so hard to find. Common mistakes include not enough (or not any) booze and whipped cream instead of mascarpone. The best one ever was in an Italian restaurant in the town another Doper is named for: Maastricht.

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What is the most decadant thing you’ve ever eaten?

Well, there was this girl in Alabama…

Seriously, though.

Perhaps we should define, for the purposes of this thread, “decadent”. If it simply means high in fat and/or sugar, then surely somebody at some point has ingested a bowl of lard with sugar on it. If “decadent” carries a connotation of elaborate preparation and appearance, then for myself, I’d have to say either a traditional boarshead, or a golden birdcage made of marzipan.

I think they decided that cooking goes in Cafe Society.

Anyway, probably the most decadent thing I’ve ever had is a filet mignon from a little Greek restaurant in Dallas. It was just so melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Decadent as in “that’s wildlife, not food!”: zebra and kudu. Fan-tas-tic. And neither is endangered, so leave me alone. :slight_smile:

Decadent as in “this is the good life”: on the morning after our wedding night, my wife and I sat down in the living area of our huge honeymoon suite in Vegas, opened up the doggie bag boxes (doggie boxes? :)) from last night’s dinner at The Rosewood Grill, and broke our fast with crab legs, Maine lobsters, and champagne. In the nude. Fan-tas-tic. :smiley:

My vote has to be for Foie Gras not due to it being rare or unusual but simply the production process. After that it has to be proper French veal where the poor beast as restrained so they cannot move and fed only milk before slaughter.

Unusual is probably kudu.

Theoretical - well Evelyn Waugh I think described (in Vile Bodies was it?) a scene of decadence where a fox is trapped in a quod at an Oxford College and stoned to death with empty champaign bottles. Now if they had then gone on to eat him then I reckon that might qualify. :cool:

Whale sushi