What is the most expensive sold on Amazon?

Considering any single item, not a multiple item package, what is the most expensive thing sold on Amazon?

I believe it is currently the Datastroyer Model 1000 Disintegrator for $141,093.71 (free shipping). It is a real item as far as I know and it weighs 14,000 lbs. It can be used for enterprise level bulk paper shredding. It can shred over 7,000 lbs of paper an hour so your old junk mail and magazines will be cleared up in no time flat. Give it as an anonymous surprise gift to any hoarders you care about.


This Monet is a steal at just shy of $1.5 million. Free shipping, too!

(They’ve started carrying fine art now.)

I think it changes all the time. From what I’ve read, some sellers use an algorithm where their items change price based on other sellers’ prices for the same items. If you get two sellers who both have the algorithm set to price their item at $1 higher than the next highest price, then all of a sudden someone’s selling a pair of socks for two billion dollars. Like this: http://www.michaeleisen.org/blog/?p=358

That certainly happens but I wouldn’t call those real listings. They are an unintentional pricing algorithm feedback loop and nobody is buying them at that price. It is just a curiosity. The Datastroyer Model 1000 Disintegrator is a legitimate product albeit one with a limited, niche market but it is just what some situations call for and you can buy it with a few clicks.

I don’t know if one-off works of art or anything else should count the same way but I will leave that for the OP to decide. I assume you really can buy them through Amazon but only one person can and then it is gone. That isn’t representative of retail items in my view.


Modern are print for
$25,882,433.96 with the usual funny reviews

The same people viewed it as
A random circuit board with no hint in the description what it does our what it’s for, again with funny reviews, only $10,000

The customer reviews on that Datastroyer are fucking hilarious.

“In case anyone is wondering, it works great on bodies. Spend less time in prison and more time with the family.”

“This is a great disintegrator but it really should have come with a child-proof lock. We are going to miss little Byron so I can only give it 3 stars.”

“I’m a coyote that lives in the desert and ordered this product to help catch a pesky roadrunner in the area. It arrived well-packaged and after covering it in tumbleweeds I put a pile of roadrunner pellets under it, as is my custom. In a few moments the roadrunner showed up and started eating the pellets so I turned away and snickered while pointing my thumb in his general direction as if to say, “He has no idea he’s about to be disintegrated,” but when I did I failed to notice a lynch pin had slipped out and the disintegrator had swung directly over my head. When I turned around, the roadrunner had finished the pellets and was looking at me so I scoweled at him and pushed the “On” button while maintaining eye contact. I was immediately disintegrated into a pile of ashes with two eyes so I minused a star for the loose hingepin. The roadrunner “beep! beep!”-ed at me and disappeared down the road, bending it as he did so and I held up a sign on which I had written: sigh. Overall a good disintegrator.”

That seems crazy expensive for a print. At least the Monet is an original piece.

Check out this supposed feedback collection from an ebay seller: http://www.whattheheck.com/ebay/arkref.html

Here’s a roll of welding cable for 31 million +

One of my favorite pastimes is reading the Amazon reviews of the ultra-expensive products

You know, at those prices (the print and the welding cable), you’d think they could at least throw in the shipping!

It’s just like hotels: At the budget hotels, they give you free wifi, free breakfast, free HBO, free phone calls. At the ritzy hotels, you pay ten times as much for your room and there are extra fees for all that stuff.

According to this, it’s the Washington Post News Corporation. Jeff Bezos “bought it by mistake.” :slight_smile:

I get the satirical nature of the comments, but please tell me Bezos himself made the joke before moving on and it’s not the columnist!

Is there a more intimidating product name than this?

No, I believe Andy Borowitz made the joke.

I’m so tempted to order this …

Out of curiosity, how does one pay for an Amazon item that costs $100,000+? Are there credit cards that would accept such a purchase?

There are plenty of credit cards that have either a limit greater than $100,000 or no real limit at all. They aren’t all that uncommon and you don’t have to be super-wealthy to have one. I have cards that I could use to buy a fairly expensive car for example if the dealership would take it. it. Many small business owners have extremely high limit cards to use for business expenses. Some American Express cards among others have no hard upper limit although you may need to call the card company in advance and let them know it isn’t fraudulent if you don’t have a history of making very large purchases with it.

I was told that a “charge card” is different than a “credit card” in that it doesn’t have a hard upper limit, you can charge as much as you could possibly want, but must be paid off each month (or every quarter or something) or there are ridiculous penalties. Is that true?