What is the most expensive sold on Amazon?

That is sort of true and it is mainly referring to American Express. Even they allow revolving credit on many of their cards now though so the distinction isn’t as clear as it once was. Also, ‘no limit’ doesn’t mean that the limit is truly infinite. It really means ‘no preset limit’ and that where they draw the line at any given time depends on your purchasing and payment history.

You can’t generally charge $1000 a month for years and then suddenly decide to charge something that costs $150,000 on those cards. It will be declined unless you have talked to them first and they agree.

Still, there are lots of cards with truly high limits that you can use at all will and plenty of people with charge cards and the purchasing history that can use their cards to charge something that costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars any time they want. Lots of small business owners use company credit cards to help manage their cash flow and gain bonus rewards. They may routinely charge that much every month on a card in operating expenses and have the extremely high limit to show for it even if they aren’t personally wealthy.

$25,882,433.96 is outrageous. Now if it were $25,882,433.95 I could consider it.

OK, Dopers, listen up.

My hero!



You forgot to blur out the order number in the browser tab. :wink:

Wow! Now that’s walkin’ around money! Applauds Leo Bloom

Thanks. New link:

I know nobody will ever find out the old photo because I deleted it and Carlos Danger told me that always works.

Sometimes prints aren’t copies of a work, but are the work in itself. For instance, lots of Escher works are prints of woodcuts. One of Escher’s woodcut blocks could produce an unlimited number of original prints. Doing that would cause the value of the prints to fall through the floor, of course, but they would be originals.

But yeah, my reaction is that that’s crazy expensive, even for an original.

The OP used the word “sold”, which is more specific than items offered for sale with insane prices attached. Insane offers to buy don’t actually mean ‘sold’ either.

They charged for S&H? What a rip off.

Well I bought mine.

Right now, as we speak, an agitated Mrs. Bloom is on the phone to an employye of Amazon in the Phillipines who is amusingly bored and incompetent.

Only TMI prevents me from repeating my wife’s credulous queries to me, and my amusement at her lack of amusement.

As of now she believes the product is 100 feet of tape embedded with gem-quality diamonds to fix a loose cable.

That’s OK, I copied it down for you. :wink: Anyone who wants it, feel free to PM me. :smiley:

You know, it’s just as well. I was about to get a bad bargain.

I ordered 250 ft of insulated cable for $31,249,687.50 + $40.99 shipping, when I could’ve ordered the 500-ft spool, for $1,706.57 + $222.49, and cut it.

On the other hand, the market being what is, I might have unloaded the remainder to somebody who was about to make the same mistake, and made a sweet profit, even after eating the 5-fold shipping cost.

$222.49 for shipping???

What, is it delivered by specially trained condors?

And, according to this link, a Chinese news agency didn’t get the joke. :slight_smile: