What is the Most "Gay" City in the World?

Santa Fe, New Mexico, "The City Different.’ (Not that I’m a lesbian):wink:

I have to cast a little vote for Provincetown, MA, which may not be as gay as West Hollywood but is certainly pretty gay compared to most places I’ve been. Lots of rainbow flags and pairs of guys with their hands in each other’s butt pockets.

**My BF Jeremy, who moved here from Florida less than a year ago, says the gayest city in FL is Ft. Lauderdale.**Living immediately south of FLL, I completely agree.

And then there’s the suburb of Wilton Manors–I’ve read the gay population is estimated at 30-35% and the city is the second in the nation to elect a mostly gay city council, after (drumroll) West Hollywood. :slight_smile:

The other day I saw a rainbow flag on US-1 in Lantana (Palm Beach Co.) as well.

Spring Break moved from Ft. Lauderdale to Daytona Beach in the, oh, '70’s? Then it was split between Daytona Beach and South Padre Island, TX. Then it was split between South Padre and Cancún. Now I understand it’s mostly Cancún…

I thought Cancun was in Mexico?

I actually think Amsterdam is the gayest city in the world. I have never been there but supposedly it has everything in the open and gay people aren’t treated as second class citizens unlike in most of the other cities around. It may have something to do with its socially progressive ideals though.

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**…So, consider these factors:[ul][li]Size of gay population.[
]Percentage of population that’s gay.[/ul]So what truly is the most “gay” city in the world?..**[/li][/QUOTE]

Prediction for the future?
Not a hijack, or an attempt to turn the question into a great debate
As bandied about by several sociologists given a voice by the conservative press, the prediction that urban areas within the People’s Republic of China will see a dramatic increase in their homosexual population appears, in my opinion, to hold some water.

Whether you support the PRC’s “one-child policy” on its population growth control merits or oppose it on civil rights / infanticide grounds, several facts appear undeniable.

From Global Policy

The way I see it, if the disparate ratio between Chinese males & females continues,[ol][li]Prostitution (all but once eradicated on the Mainland) will continue to increase[]Crime and aggression (among testosterone-filled, explosive young males) will be on the upswing[]Multiple husband (as opposed to the currently accepted form of multiple wife) polygamy will become in vogueThere is likely to be an increase in homosexual activity (recently removed from China’s official list of psychiatric disorders).[/ol]With 44 cities having a population greater than 1 million and the more progressive attitudes toward the gay lifestyle in large metropolitan centers like Shanghai, perhaps the PRC will one day become a rice queen’s dream come true.[/li]

Either that, or the more alarmist radical predictions that the Communist government will become more militaristic and aggressive in hopes of thinning out the male population via war could become more of a reality a generation from now.

I fourth the vote on Santa Cruz being the Lesbian Capital of the World. The lesbian population seems waaaay out of proportion. There’s even a cute little book called So You Want to be a Lesbian…* that named Santa Cruz the #1 town for lesbians in the country.

As a native San Franciscan, I sniff at all of you who try to steal our title as Gayest City in the World. You can tell whatever anecdotes you like, but you will never approach the gaiety of San Francisco. So neener neener.


Sodom and Gommorah.


Fort Collins, Colorado seemed to have far more than its fair share of serious, two stroke oil-stained butchies. There were an awful lot of hard-edge self-reliant lesbian couples living up in the mountains, and I’ve met several lesbian couples who moved to the city from out-of-town because there was a lot of buzz about the place among a lesbian community. You saw a LOT of Subaru Foresters and Outbacks on Fort Collins streets.

Fire Island Pines, New York. Although not quite a “city” - legally, it’s part of the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, Long Island, but it’s definitely its own entity. And it’s almost entirely gay men. Ironically, it was founded as a straight alternative to neighboring Cherry Grove, but since the 70s it turned mostly gay. Cherry Grove has more straight people now, although still a minority - and a lot more women.

SweetLucy: I was wondering if Santa Fe was going to be represented in this thread.

Sadly New York’s gay community is in isolated pockets, in certain parts of the city anti-gay violence is pretty common. Thus the old bellwether of gentrification maxim.


I think that the China data may be skewed by people disposing of infant girls and trying again, so their “one” baby is a useful male. Could be wrong, but why else is there such an unnatural bias?

According to Damron’s Women’s Travels book (lesbian travel source) - Asheville, NC has a large percentage of lesbians. Folks around here call it A SHE Ville :smiley:

No, dear, that would be the most inhospitable city. :rolleyes:

Anywho, it’s most obviously San Diego, California!

(Um, that would be where I live. :smiley: )


Nobody’s mentioned Vancouver BC yet? C’mon!

I’m the only straight man in my apartment building, male couples wander around holding hands, and there are rainbow banners put up by the city all over downtown.

I think Brighton has the biggest gay population in Europe, worldwide, probably SF.
But Amsterdam is probably where it’s easiest to live if you’re gay.

It depends if you’re a gay male or a lesbian. I’m told that while San Francisco may be world-renowned as a gay mecca, there are few facilities or bars for lesbians.

London’s pretty gay-friendly, moreso from next years when the partnership registry will be open to same-sex couples. London seems to the gay city for under-thirty-fives, and then everyone moves to Brighton. :slight_smile:

Actually, if I had to vote, I’d say Amsterdam.



I’m with scott evil on this. Toronto?! Where even the gays are straight?!

I’m gay, and I’ve lived in Vancouver, and been to Toronto and Ottawa quite a few times. I’ve also been to the Castro in San Francisco. Let me tell you, not one of those cities can hold a rainbow candle to Montreal.

We have 1.5 km of Gay Village, featuring very “out” businesses. matt_mcl says it’s the largest in North America, though I’m not sure his source. We have a huge pride parade every year, a circuit party (Black and Blue). We’re building a huge gay and lesbian community centre right now.

Our provincial government is one of the most sympathetic in North America. Gay civil unions, anti-discrimination laws since 1977, and the government promotes Montreal for gay tourism (they mark the Gay Village on tourist maps, bid for the gay games, etc). Seeing San Francisco after living here so long was a major disappointment. It’s the gay capital of the world the way Ottawa is the capital of Canada.