What is the Most "Gay" City in the World?

Key West, Fla.

[bad joke I heard on the radio]
Small resort cities in Florida and California are grudgingly admitting the importance of nudist tourism on their local economies. In one Florida city, nudist tourists paid local merchants for their goods using 2-dollar bills as a show of economic force.

I guess the gay tourists will be paying with three-dollar bills.

:: rimshot ::

[/bad joke]



Does that come with closed-captioning?

It refers to the phrase ‘queer as a three-dollar bill.’
[/closed caption]

No. Perhaps you meant Brighton?

Since you made a point of telling us you’re not gay, why do you want to know where all the gays hang out?

Because I’ve been to New Orleans, SF and Paris and I was curious if the strong “gay” vibe I’ve gotten from those places holds up. That, and I was intrigued by a news report I had heard that said Paris was actively trying to recruit gay tourists.

In America, both Atlanta, GA and Pensacola, FL have major flourishing gay populations (enough so that city politicians court their vote). Some years ago I read that Pensacola was “gayer” than San Fran in per-capita “gayry”, but that was in print and I can’t find a cite.

Most gay un-friendly series I’ve ever lived in include Albany, GA (also the only place I’ve ever lived where the gay bar shared a parking lot with a Ryans’ Steakhouse, people at dance clubs line-danced to Madonna, and men who are obviously “gayer than a treeload of monkeys on nitrous oxide”* are usually married with three kids and a Volvo) and Montgomery, AL, where there are gay bars and a fairly sizeable population but so many people are terrified of “Mama’n’Daddy” findin’ out that there’s no unity or political clout.

*courtesy of Terry Pratchett’s GOOD OMENS

Yup, gay capital of the UK is Brighton alright (the Kemptown area to be specific). I heard a while ago that Manchester was becoming ‘more gay’ but I haven’t heard anything about that since.

Ah, Brighton… I love that place. One of the few places where you can walk down the street holding your boyfriend’s hand and not have anyone give you a second look. Don’t think I’d want to try that in my hometown, as I’d probably end up getting greasy looks at best, or more likely a good kicking.

From what I can gather, Manchester’s Canal Street is a well known gay district. The fact that it was featured on Queer As Folk probably helped to push it into the limelight somewhat, hence why people refer to it more nowadays.

just to add to this, my roomate, who’s gay and used to live in LA, has often said that W hollywood is too gay for his tastes.:slight_smile:

Last time I was in Manchester was for a stag weekend last July. One of the guys in our group is gay and a few of the others asked him if he had any plans to go to Canal Street. His response was “no point – you lot have reclaimed it”. So although it was a well known gay district a couple of years ago I suspect it would be more accurate to describe it as “gay friendly” these days.

Ummm… no.

My BF Jeremy, who moved here from Florida less than a year ago, says the gayest city in FL is Ft. Lauderdale.

Isn’t that where they hold Spring Break? You’d think it’d be the straightest city in FL, what with all the drunken frat boys and ggw.

The “general wisdom” here is that Sydney is second after San Francisco. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but it seems reasonable enough.

Santa Cruz, CA (75 miles south of San Francisco) supposedly has a big lesbian population. Seems accurate in my experiences. (Well, not experiences as in experiences, but just general experiences… never mind.)

Don’t mind my asking, but, eh?

The BF tells me that Ft. Lauderdale frowns upon spring breakers now, having done some redeveloping of A1A to get rid or them or something. Anyway, it’s neither here nor there.

I’m still stinging that anyone could possibly think Toronto could be gayer than Montreal. :mad:

As countries go NZ is one of, if not the, the most gay friendly nations on earth and has a substantive portion of it’s tourist industry that addresses this demographic. It is so gay friendly overall that there is no one city in NZ that is more gay friendly than another and so it goes beyond the bounds of a GF city to being a GF nation.

I’m from Santa Cruz, CA, and I can confirm that there are an aweful lot of lesbians here- especially for a smallish town.

The other day I noticed my friend was wearing a shirt that said “caution: lesbian” and it dawned on me that in some other cities that might be a somewhat daring thing to wear. It’s hard for me to comprehend having to think twice about that sort of thing. Same-sex public affection doesn’t even warrent a second glance around here.

But Santa Cruz’s lesbians are the product of an affluent ultra-liberal ultra-laid-back town mergeing with an affluent. ultra-liberal, ultra-laid-back university, and not really the product of any special gayness this place has. San Francisco is definately has more claim to gay than Santa Cruz.