What is the most negative thing that you can know of/imagine

The question is rather subjective, I guess. Because the answer will depend on the person being asked. However, it might be interesting see something that is commonly extremely negative.

Negative in the title is meant in the sense of emotional negativity/repelling/unpleasant/scary/depressing/etc.

You do not have to point out a human being or an event. Your answer could be an abstract one.

My answer could be God/creator/whatever if she/he/it ever exists. Perhaps, it is the exactly opposite, who can know for sure?

I wonder whether humans can make something so negative that negative creates some sort of an emotional black-hole.

Evolution is completely amoral, and it created an endless number of life forms capable of pain and there is nothing they can do about it.

the genocide in Rwanda. Perfectly ordinary people turned and hacked their neighbors to death for no reason.

There is a god, and he sends everyone to a hell of eternal torment. Their suffering is not only eternal, but their minds are changed so they can suffer far worse than they could while alive, and they are forcibly prevented from going insane or losing consciousness to escape it.

And every moment that god is in their minds laughing at them and gloating at their suffering, because that suffering is the only reason the universe was created in the first place.

I think that wins.

^The best reason for being an atheist.

The worst thing I’ve witnessed was the video of ISIS burning the Jordanian pilot alive. I forced myself to watch it, and it confirmed the depth to which (sub)humans can sink.

. . . while also creating diseases and predators to cause it.

An overwhelming majority – maybe 99.999% – of all creatures die a death that is too horrible to imagine. Either dissolved alive in the stomach of something up the food chain, or, if lucky, torn apart fairly quickly by teeth or talons. Or just lie there helpless and squirming in death pain. All the while, humans remain convinced that Life Is Beautiful.

The scariest thing in the world would be if they gave Sinbad another TV show

There’s a loooong spiral staircase with a shiny polished mahogany banister. You are riding that banister down, floor after floor, gradually accelerating, when suddenly the banister changes from polished mahogany to razor-sharp stainless steel.


Do you really believe this crap ???

An inverted image of a cynic wearing a minus sign t-shirt and screaming “NOOOOO!” into the ass end of a C battery when it’s 40 below zero.

President X, where X = (any of the two leading candidates in [any of the two leading parties]).

Splinters. The pain lasts longer. With the razor blade, I’m dead pretty quickly.

No…but millions of people actually do. I don’t believe in the Lovecraftian Elder Gods, but they are among the most horrible things I can imagine. Pointing out something as horrible doesn’t require belief. Read the OP. “Know of/imagine.” kayaker doesn’t really believe in a banister that turns into a razor blade. (I hope!)

Eternity in Hell.

Sophie’s choice. The actual choice she was forced to make, not the book or the movie.


Hey, I thought of that immediately when I read the OP, and was about to post the same at about Post #5, but the OP pretty much explicitly disallowed that by defining:

“Negative in the title is meant in the sense of emotional negativity/repelling/unpleasant/scary/depressing/etc.”

No sense in letting a little something like definition stand in one’s way. I really just wanted to research the ASCII code for the infinity symbol. Once I found it, I had to post it. To not do so would have been emotionally negative /repelling/scary/depressing/etc.