What is the most unnatural food you can name?

If you were transported in time back, say 5000 years ago, what modern food item could you show people of that era that would be most unrecognizable to them as being food? It could either be by reason of its’ appearance or its composition or possibly some other criteria.

The floor is open for nominations. Radium orange colored flaming hot Cheetos anyone?

Imitation margarine.

Edible underwear.

Chocolate fudge

Those styrofoam-looking rice stick noodles in Asian food.

And circus peanuts.

Aye: circus peanuts.

Cheez Whiz

Kraft Dinner (my favourite as a kid)
Vico Milk (a small carton of chocolate milk)

Necco wafers.

Especially the chalkolate flavored ones.

Freeze-dried ice cream. Not only would the natives not know what ice cream is, or cookies for that matter (or chocolate for that matter…), but the closest comparison they could make for this stuff is chalk.

5000 years is a long ways back. I don’t even know if leavened bread was around yet.

So my pick: red velvet cake

But you don’t need to go back in time at all: just take a trip to Japan ! I was served stuff that I could not even recognize as being from this planet !



Tofu. Wouldn’t even pass the taste test when presented to the residents of the era.

Cool Whip.

Peeps; bright blue ones.

Starburst, which is basically edible sugary wax.

Peanut butter.

I see circus peanuts had already been taken. I have nothing else to add.