What is the most useful book overall for...?

I don’t want to hijack the “most useful book” thread, so I’m making a new one.

My question, as the OP, is what book is, overall, most useful for proper grammar AND proper use of words?

For the latter half of the question I’m referring to correct usage, as in “he reigned over the kingdom”, not reined or rained.

One of my pet peeves is people who don’t properly use words such as they’re/there/their.

Of course, Godwin’s law means that I’ve made a bad mistake somewhere in this OP, but I’m trying not to!:smiley:

Feel free to use this thread to ask for the most useful book in your own area of interest.

Godwin’s law doesn’t mean what you think it means.

I think she meant Gaudere’s law.

See what I mean?:smack:


Now, about that grammar?:cool:

Godwin’s Law says that Hitler made grammatical mistakes and spelling errors too, thus proving how evil such mistakes are, and so are you if you make mistakes like that!