What is the name for this new type of art?

a) Have you ever seen a painting done on a saw-tooth contoured surface instead of a flat surface? I forget if the end-effect is a 3-D trick on the eye, or what. As I recall, each subsequent left surface of the sawtooth has a bit of an overall image on it, although each one is slighty different than the last. The same is true with the right side of each saw tooth. Thus, you see different views in the overall picture depending where you stand.

Or, (b) If you are unfamiliar with this art, any suggestions on how to google for something one can only loosely describe? I recall stumbling upon this while surfing the web once, but I have no clue how to begin to google on this.


You’re thinking of the work of Patrick Hughes. He calls it “Reverspective” or sometimes “Perverspective”.

He’s been doing it since the 1960s so it’s not new, but I agree it’s very impressive. I saw a show of his in a gallery on Dover Street a few years back – I’d never heard of it but as I walked down the street my head literally snapped to one side as I walked past the gallery window. I just had to go in!

Here’s an example of one of his pictures. Obviously you don’t get the full effect on the web…