What is the name for turkey tails?

Parson’s nose for this South African, never heard Pope’s nose until this thread.

Although there’s no way that would be the first piece of the chicken/turkey I’d make for. Not when there are the oysters.

I know the terms “Pope’s nose” and “parson’s nose,” but I have no idea where I picked them up. I don’t recall anyone using a name for that particular part of poultry. I think we just called them “tails” or “butts.”

I also don’t recall them being particularly sought after growing up. My mom or dad would just cut them off and save them for the stock pot. I myself am neither here nor there about them. Oysters, on the other hand (as mentioned above), those I save for myself after roasting a chicken.

If I remember correctly… isn’t this a rather exotic poster name/subject matter combination?


PS: what are the oysters?

Ah, yes. “Turkey breast” is the translation of pulykamell.

The oysters are on the bottom side of the bird (if roasting a whole chicken breast up), next to the backbone, near the thigh. There’s a little cavity with meat there on each side of the back. Kinda hard to describe – let me see if I can find a photo.

Ah, got it - I did wonder if that was what it was.



I knew those were the only good pieces on the back but never knew they had a name. The ones on chicken are so small my mom didn’t bother frying the backs.

Ever seen the movie Amélie?

Now I want to know what the French word (that I couldn’t quite catch) for Oysters (that kind of oyster) is. Damn.


“Sot l’y laisse”

That’s why I love this place.