What is the name of that 'chaos' music?

On the Simpsons, whenever a crowd scene erupts into a riot, or some other anarchy occurs, there’s this tune that plays in the background. Kind of a dissonant ‘chaos’ thing. Anyone know the name of it?

This should probably be in Cafe Society, but anyway…

I believe it’s called “Simpsons Music Cue #529 - Crowd Scene”. :wink: Seriously, from what I know about the show’s production, they have a 50-or-so-piece orchestra that records dozens of music cues per episode. The composer (Alf Clausen, IIRC) writes most of the music from scratch, though the particular cue you’re thinking of may be based on something more famous. A specific episode reference would help.

They play it when he’s dreaming that he’s on trial on the Planet of the Donuts for eating the donut people. It’s the opening shot, zooming in on the arena. That’s the only specific one I can think of offhand. They probably play it on the Mensa episode when everyone is fighting at the end, too.