What is the name of the music at the opening of the US Harry Potter audibooks?

I recently began listening to the US HP audiobooks, and there is a short piece of classical music that plays at the beginning. I’d love to know the name of the music, as I find it quite enjoyable.

I’ve linked to the music here, and would appreciate if anyone could tell me the name of the piece.

I know a lot of classical music, but this doesn’t sound familiar. I’m thinking it’s a piece of music written in an older style, written just for the audiobook.

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Holy Crap!
I was kidding - it looks like this exists

Shazam comes up empty too.

All I get on TrackID is Chapter00A-Introduction from The Prisoner of Azkaban, so it probably was recorded specifically for the audiobook.

I agree. To me it doesn’t sound particularly classical or even baroque except for the instrumentation, flute and harpsichord.

Doesn’t sound like any composer I’m familiar with; sounds more like the music for an “after school special.”

My wife says it sounds like the music for a “King’s Quest”-style video game.