What is the name of this Italian food?

It’s kind of like a pizza pocket. Crust, folded and sealed, with sauce and cheese on the inside. Almost like large, baked ravioli, but you eat it like a sandwich. What is it called? I’m going nuts here!


Bingo! Thank you!!!

Or stromboli. That may just be an “Ameritalian” name for it, though…

I’ve heard both those names so it’s not just an Australian name.

In my experience, calzones usually only have cheese (mozzarella and ricotta) and possibly red sauce, whereas strombolis often have pepperoni or sausage, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and possibly sauce, but rarely cheese.

In MY experience, stromboli is like a jellyroll - ingredients rolled up spiral-style in dough and baked. Calzone, as it is generally sold in American, is a closed pastry (thnk pizza puff), whereas stromboli has open ends, if that makes sense. The calzone my nonny taught me to make, though, is more similar to what Americans would call a stuffed pizza - two layers of dough with a thick layer of filling in between. It’s served like lasagne, cut into squares. No sauce inside - you pour it on top.

Properly pronounced cal-ZOney, but on *Seinfeld *they consistently said CAL-zone.

Heh. Pronounced by the Italians in my family, it’s GAHL-zhone.

Standard Italian pronunciation would dictate the pronunciation: cahl-TSO-ne.