What is the name of this music genre?

I have been listening to older music, you know that 1930’s and 1940’s stuff they use as the music in Tom & Jerry cartoons. I’ve really taken a liking into it, its relaxing and mellow, I just don’t know what it is generally called. It doesn’t seem to be jazz. Is this type called “swing music” or “lounge” or something? I have no idea what genre it falls under, and I would really like to know.

I am thinking of stuff between the range of Glen Gray and Frank Sinatra… but usually vocal-less.

Thanks! :smiley:

It was called jazz at the time. I have a friend who has a band (or did have a band; they haven’t played a gig in a while) that specializes in that type of music.

(Looks like all the available youtube examples have vocals; that’s an anomaly caused by the vocalists being most likely to put the snippets online, they do a whole lot of all-instrumental stuff)

Maybe just “big band” for what you’re looking for? Plenty of that and straight up jazz in Tom and Jerry, although most of the music I remember from that cartoon is just orchestral cartoon music and classical music.

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I searched for “Tom & Jerry music” on youtube and various things came up: looks like a lot of classical.

find what you mean and post it, then we might know. I am guessing Big Band but I find it more invigorating than relaxing so maybe we don’t mean the same thing.

In a famous T&J, Tom plays stand up bass and sings Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby by Louis Jordan. If that’s what you like, that’s Jump Blues. Look up Jordan and T-Bone Walker - songs like Glamour Girl and The Hustle is On.