What is the one thing (broadly defined) that you would not want to live without?

Thou shalt not steal! My answer that is – word for word!

Same here. My wife’s grandmother is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s, and my mother is regressing down that same road. My father, who’s just a few months from turning 90, has his wits fully about him, though his body’s gone to shit.

I’d much rather have my mind after my body’s betrayed me than the other way around.

My creativity. If I couldn’t imagine, if I couldn’t write, if I couldn’t design things and bring them to reality, if I couldn’t make music, my life would be so flat it would be only existence, not living.

Animals in my life.



Okay, not necessarily in that order. :smiley:

Clean running water – you got that you have flush toilets,garden,power (water wheel)

My wife. As long as I have her we can deal with anything that comes up.

My children, followed closely by my right mind. If either of those are taken away from me, I honestly have no reason to keep breathing.

That feel of a fish just smashing whatever lure I am using in on any given day. The sensation you get while reeling can’t be beat !

Caller ID.

An atmosphere.

Human companionship and fellowship, however I do view that as a necessity like air, just a slower death if it is withheld.

So children would be my answer.

Peace, as in the absence of war. Everything else seems tolerable.


Hot water on demand because a lifetime of cold baths/showers would suck.

The ability to communicate.

Locked-In Syndrome is my worst nightmare.

And mine! So cool. I blame the latter on the episode of “Little House on the Prairie” when Mary Ingalls went blind

My right hand.

BBC iPlayer


Non-US made chocolate.