What is the opposite of an existentialist?

Is there a term for someone who is exactly the opposite of an existentialist?

I love this question, but haven’t the foggiest what the answer may be. Checking the dictionary for the basic definition(s) of existentialism didn’t give any major clues for what an exact opposite would be.

About all I can do in assisiting is to list attributes that individual must have:

  1. a sense that the universe does have some ultimate meaning
  2. a sense that there is right and wrong and that that is knowable
  3. a sense that one’s understanding is directed from some source outside oneself

Whatever that definition would include beyond these attributes, I would think it would fail to be a direct opposite unless all of these were included.

I would say that the opposite is an essentialist.

For the existentialist, existence precedes essence. For the essentialist, essence precedes existence. Essentially, then (teeheehee), essentialists believe that the three things that Zeldar lists have existed independently of the subject, and will continue to exist whether the subject wills them to or not.

I’ll say Presbyterian

HA I just posed this question to a friend and he replied, “A Christian.” And after re-reading Zelder’s list that answer seems to fit the best.

I must respectfully disagree. Theists of any stripe, and even certain atheists (i.e., classical Marxists) would fit Zeldar’s criteria quite well.

On the other hand, it is entirely possible to be a Christian existentialist. Just ask Soren Kierkegaard.